Rep LaBruzzo,

Hello! My name is Lance Vargas and I am a blogger over in New Orleans. I am sorry for bothering you as I am sure your e-mail box is filling up with inquiries about your sterilization program. I am trying to help get the word out there by getting some questions answered. If you answer the interrogatives below, I will post them on the blog. They all relate to The Program.

- Will The Program be offered to all women or just poor women? How will income be verified?

- What will be the age limits?

- Will proof of residency be verified? How long after a person lives in the state will they be eligible?

- What department of state will manage The Program?

- How much will the doctors be paid to perform the procedures?

- Who will assume liability for complications?

- Will there be counseling provided to the participants before and after? At what cost?

- Will the $1000 be taxed?

- What are the overall costs per person for The Program?

- Has a study been done to weigh the cost of the program vs. safe sex education or adoption?

- Has a study been done to determine how many poor women would be willing to participate?

- How will this decision effect the already dwindling population rates in South Louisiana? Will we lose more Congressional seats because of it?

- How is the state going to determine how many children of poor mothers grow up to be taxpayers versus dependents? How much revenue will be lost to the state and country?

Those are some practical questions but here are some more honest questions…

- How am I supposed to react when I see the state is providing free health care to poor people when I, as a struggling artist, have to hustle to pay the mortgage every month and sit worrying about health care?

- Isn’t The Program a form of socialized medicine?

- Or worse, Eugenics? (I wont patronize you by adding a definition)

- How does the pro-life governor feel about the program?

- How is the state going to determine if a woman is using The Program to avoid kids or just to make $1000 off the fact that she doesn’t want them anyway.

- Why does The Program seem to be geared toward women with a brief mention of men? One would think with the number of absent fathers and the cost of child support enforcement, it might be easier and more successful to gear it towards men.

If you could answer these questions and get back to me I will get it up on the blog ASAP. Also, I’m putting this e-mail and your response on the blog. It’s at



e-mailed at 9:52 am

7 Responses to “Rep. LaBruzzo”
  1. jeffrey says:

    Love it. But, I think my favorite element of your letters to elected officials is the always enthusiastic greeting.

  2. spoke says:

    it is good to see that we are all blogging about the same thing. asinine. what a bastard he is.

  3. liprap says:

    “The Program”? Aw hell, just call it the Final Solution and be done with it. We can always do an Eichmann-style trial with LaBruzzo’s sorry ass in the box.

  4. beverly rainbolt says:

    Lance, you continue to impress me. As for me, this morning I nearly spit my coffee across the room when I opened my newspaper. Then M and I had a lunch discussion as to why the T-P chose to make that the top right front page headline. Finally just a few minutes ago I went, for other reasons, to, where the number two story, comments-wise, had 170-something comments (a story about police looking for a “shooter” in the Iberville Projects. Guess what the number one story, comments-wise, is: the LaBruzza (sp?) story with nearly 600 comments. Think of the (supposed) readership clicks. Wow. Keep up the good work.

  5. Aaron says:

    Look no further than the 81st district seat LaBruzzo occupies to get the genesis of the idea: David Duke proposed it two decades ago from the same seat, but I’ll give it to LaBruzzo, at least he upped the pay from $100 to $1,000.

    He needs to get out more if he seriously thought saying this out loud was not an awful idea; his racist buddies are not the general public.

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