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Had a bit of a server meltdown. Which explains the loss of posts. I think I lost a drink recipe…some other stuff…some comments. I am going through feed readers and gathering them back up. Comments might be lost. Maybe not.

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What: Blogging 101 Class: An Introduction to Blogging for the Utter Novice
When: Thursday, Nov. 12; 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Where: The Bridge Lounge, 1201 Magazine St
Why: To Learn About Blogging and for Free Beer.
Who: Rising Tide

This class will be taught by two local bloggers and will focus on blogging platforms, hosting, getting started, a walk-through of basic blog software, posting, adding media, blogrolls, linking, commenting and more. Laptops are encouraged.

Humble bloggers Liprap, Adrastos and I will be on Eric Asher’s WIST radio show today extolling the virtues of this weekend’s Rising Tide conference. Tune into 690 on your AM dial to hear us go on about blogging RT and whatever else comes up.

Edit: We will be on the show when the the bottom three dimensions pass through the moment in the fourth known as 1:30 pm. Thanks Pants!

And just for the record, I publicly denounce Michael Weiner for, well, being Michael Savage.

If you aren’t by the radio, they also stream and podcast. So there won’t be a reason not to listen other than general ambivalence! But even if you don’t listen, take heart that the waves carrying our voices will be flowing through your body on their way into deep space!

Just a few updates to these two posts…

Mainstream Media Vs. Scuttlebutt!

I saw Ms. Donna on the levee this afternoon and asked her about the incident and she said it was at this house and the woman was not charged. According to DNN, “He beat her. He was always beating her.”

Also, I have added some links to “Nagin’s Deadly Sins” but I still need some help adding media sources to back them up. I know you guys can think of something to help so please post links in the comments. Help a brother out. I particularly need links to show Nagin taking unnecessary trips. Also, more links in which he divided the city along racial lines.

Edit: I removed the request for proof of Nagin’s family living in Dallas as it seems they do indeed live in New Orleans.

I’m still tinkering with this redesign so pleas bear with me as things look a little askew for the next few days. I’m working some bugs out.

R.I.P. Harry Lee.