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I just really love Sarah Vowell.

Sarah Vowell brings her sharp wit to NOCCA

My torchy jazz chanteuse fiancee Romy Kaye will be singing at Mimi’s in Marigny tonight with Sasha Masakowski and Miss Sophie Lee.

Show starts at 9 p.m.!

My perennial fiancee Romy Kaye will be playing with her new band Delta Royale at Mimi’s in The Marigny tonight from 10:30 pm – 1 am for anyone who lives in the area or happens to be oot and aboot.

Grab yourself a free mp3 of Romy right here.

Come out. Come out.

Well, I highly recommend an event my friend Soren Vandegaard is participating in in the Bywater…

The new New Orleans is a collaborative effort. New Resonance Orchestra is the new New Orleans. Come and Be the Music.

Presenting: Rebuilding Appalachian Spring

Saturday, November 15, 2008 8:30 pm

Tickets are $10 at the door, online at
or by calling 866-468-7630.

That’s if you are in the Bywater and don’t feel like going Uptown. If you are Uptown and don’t feel like going to the Bywater, check out…

CALEB GUILLOTTE & CRAIG CALIVA With gal pals ROMY KAYE & ELISABETH GILL At Carrollton Station on Saturday, November 15th. Opening for Drew DeLaune……9:30ish

We haven’t played since the August, so you know you hunger for our power pop meets roots rock filtered through acoustic anti-folk post jazz urgency with a delightful sprinkling of murder ballads.

Of course, during the day Saturday, both Soren and I will be at Jackson Square from 8 till dawn. At least I think Soren will be there.

Anyway, those are your plugs…

The NOLA Candle Factory
4537 N. Robertson at Japonica Street, Bywater
New Orleans, LA 70117

Ya boi Varg will be at the first-ever Broad St. Bazaar today from 10 – 3. That’s Sept. 27! Like today!
I’ll be slinging salvaged wood folk art for the most affordable prices ever. Promo is below…

There’s a new market in town and it’s gonna rock! The Broad St. Bazaar launches this Saturday in the heart of Mid-City with a great cross-section of flea market vendors, and some of New Orleans most creative artists, crafters and clothing designers. Neighborhood fave Ruby Slipper will be serving up hot brunch and cold cocktails and Mid-City’s own DeSoto St. Band will provide the live musical backdrop. The weather’s supposed to be gorgeous. Come help us launch the market in true New Orleans style!

BROAD ST. BAZAAR: Flea Market & Community Services
WHEN: 4th Saturday of every month, beginning Saturday, September 27. 10 am – 3 pm
WHERE: Robert’s parking lot, Broad St. @ Bienville
WHAT: Flea market vendors; artists, designers and crafters who work with recycled materials. Plus: brunch & drinks by Ruby Slipper; music by the DeSoto St. Band; free Tulane Community Health screenings; Phoenix recycling station; voter registration; personal services like braiding and massage.
WHY: To help revitalize the historic Broad St. corridor and link to the Bayou Rd. development district, which has a Fresh Market every 4th Saturday.

Cree’s Cheap Chic: Vintage clothes & original Cree-ations
Donald Miller: Used books: Lit classics, Greek to Beat, plus sci-f and Louisiana-ana
Howlpop/Calamity: Value-priced art fashion
Fleur de Lisa Candles: Soy Candles & Reed Diffusers in a variety of scents
Lance Vargas: Salvaged wood folk art and flea
Renee Allie: Used books, knick-knacks & other flea market items
Defend New Orleans: DNO t-shirts, hoodies & accessories
High Bohemia: Handcrafted spirit dolls, jewelry, lavendar bags
Linda Glessinger: Vintage items, some way cool and some way collectible
Recycle Bicycle: Refurbished used bikes & accessories
Avant Garbe: UP-cycled funky wear with a New Orleans flare plus unique vintage pieces
Amanda Golub: Used DVDs, toys, collectibles, old purses, books, etc.
Maggie Mae: Original t-shirts, jewelry & art; vintage jewelry, clothing & collectibles
Tatyana: Original voodoo dolls and recycled animal/dolls; women’s clothing & shoes
Bayou Salvage: Recycled selvage & salvage
Rachelle Matherne: Handmade resing jewelry and bottlecap magnets
King & Queen Emporium: Essential oils & incense
Art by Mags: Stenciled clocks & signs; NOLA Rising & Obama art prints; silkscreened clothing
Amy & Robert Sorenson: Tie-dye and folk art

In accordance with Dirty Linen Night in the 1/4. Schiros Cafe will be hosting their Lighter Look at Post Katrina Art at the delightful Schiros Cafe in the Marign…er, the Bywa…er, that strange area that nobody can say is the Marigny or Bywater.
See flyer for details! Varg will be showing his piece “Old Soul” made from a cabinet door along with (weather permitting) several more pieces on the balcony! Come! Enjoy! Rejoice!

Don’t forget:

The show is from 1 p.m. until…

folk art

Also, my lovely fiancee will be singing at Carrollton Station starting at 9 with local singer/songwriters Caleb Guillotte and Craig Caliva. Their repertoire keeps growing and growing so come on out and hear the harmonies.

- Varg-onaught will be slinging folk / outsider art crafted from salvaged wood around the New Orleans area this Saturday from noon until 5 p.m. at the Freret Market on Freret and Napoleon Avenue. Come on out and check him out in booth 4. Entertainment will be Pfister Sisters @ Noon, Margie Perez @ 1:45, Chris Klein & The Boulevards @ 3:30.

- Ya boy Varg will be peddling salvaged wood folk art tomorrow from 12 – 5 at the Freret Market Uptown. He will have a clearence basket where items that need to be moved will be sold from $5 on up. Come by and just say hi as many bloggers before you have. Twenty percent of all profits from tomorrow go to the Morris Fam so come on out.

- Or if ya can’t make it out that Early, my girl Romy Kaye will be singing at Carrollton Station around 9:30 and will be followed by a nice funk band so y’all can check us there. I’ll buy any one who reads these words a beer. If ya wanna taste of Romy’s voice, check it here.

- Oooorrr, if ya don’t feel like even screwin’ around with Uptown, check Sexxy Rexxy’s Paint Party in the heart of the Marigny/ By water area all day long. I’d be there myself if I wasn’t at that other event. Details are copied and pasted below…

NoLA Rising presents it’s fourth ever PAINT PARTY.

In association with the St. Claude Arts District, we’ll be out in the Marigny at 2833 Dauphine on Saturday, May 10th, 2008 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. painting our happy little booties off.

Afterwards, while some of us scruffy, paint people clean up, there will be a cocktail viewing of the pieces made that day from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at XO STUDIOS… conveniently next door to the park. Ranger Dave is making sure there will be other events surrounding the studio for those too timid to paint and would prefer to art watch. Afterwards, go out into the St.

Claude Art world and enjoy the blossoming art scene at so many of the other nearby galleries, for more information, go to http://www. scadnola. com

OTHER INFO IF YOUR UNFAMILIAR WITH THE PAINT PARTY CONCEPT (please feel free to read out loud in your best 1950′s television RED SCARE imitation):

What is this paint party people yap about so much, there MACK? We’re not having a paint party to paint anyone’s house…we’re getting together and making a day of community art. Come on out, see what is happening and join us for painting a small piece of artwork.

Why? Why not! But if you’re looking for a better answer than that Little Johnny…the why is that we here at NoLA Rising headquarters (located in sunny and humid New Orleans) are going to be collaborating with four other cities to have an “IT’s YOURS, TAKE IT” public art event.

Public Art Event? Don’t we have museums for that? Why yes, Sally, we do. But the point is to have art on the streets for the ordinary passer-by to take home one piece if so desired. Already, over twenty-five artists from around the world have signed up and we thought we’d include the New Orleans art community in this wonderful opportunity to showcase their work. And I know what you’re thinking…someone’s going to get greedy and take a lot more than just one. Fear not, security will be provided by some of the most unscrupulous talents of the Marigny/Bywater area for those who get too greedy. For this is not the neighborhood where greed is rewarded.

So, what’s the catch anyhow Beaver? The only catch is that you have to show up. We’re not the judgmental type. Come and make what you can. The only caveat is that we may need more paint and ask that you bring enough for you and your neighbor to use. Rex has gotten some donated in the past from the very generous National Art & Hobby on Magazine Street, but there’s no guarantee those supplies can last. Rex usually comes out of pocket himself for the paint, but seeing as he’s been working as a full time artist the last three months, his budget is pretty much gone. What he’s got, he’s got to share though.

The “IT’s YOURS, TAKE IT” event will be announced later, but it will be the second Saturday in June and it’s location will remain a state secret until such time as necessary. It will only be advertised by word of mouth, small handbills, and this blog.

C’mon out for the next paint party on Saturday, May 10th. We’re getting at lot mo’ better at putting these things together. We’re actually going to try and get food guys lined up to be there in case we get the hunger. So, GRAB YOUR PAINT if you got some and shake that tale on over to where we’ll be at.

We welcome anyone who want to enjoy the spirit of New Orleans community!

It’s been blogged about before but it needs to be blogged about again. I am a huge mark for the NPR show “This American Life.” There is something about the content, production, music, narration and theme that speaks right down into my tender little soul and touches it in sentimental ways.

So, to give a little back to this great radio show that plays on WWNO from 5-6 on Sundays, I wanted to post that there will be a live This American Life event at two Greater New Orleans theaters in the area tonight.

AMC Westbank Palace 16
HARVEY, LA 70058
(504) 263-2298


AMC Elmwood Palace 20
(504) 733-2029

Buy Tickets Now!

And if you can’t make the events, make sure you check this great episode that you can stream…

352: The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar

In 1912 a four year-old boy named Bobby Dunbar went missing in a swamp in Louisiana. Eight months later, he was found in the hands of a wandering handyman in Mississippi. (The picture at left was taken just days later.) In 2004, his granddaughter discovered a secret beneath the legend of her grandfather’s kidnapping, a secret whose revelation would divide her own family, bring redemption to another, and become the answer to a third family’s century-old prayer. We devote our entire episode to the story.

They also have a Katrina episode that I haven’t yet listened to so I can’t vouch for…

296: After the Flood

Surprising stories from survivors in New Orleans. We give people who were in the storm more time than daily news coverage can to tell their stories and talk about what they’re thinking. This leads to a number of ideas that haven’t made it into the regular news coverage.


Host Ira Glass talks about something he read that seemed to put an end to all debate over one of the key issues swirling around right now. He checks with William Nichelson, author of the books Emergency Response and Emergency Management Law and Homeland Security Law and Policy, to see if he’s correctly understanding the issue. (5 minutes)

Act One. Middle of Somewhere.

In the days following Hurricane Katrina, Denise Moore was trapped in the New Orleans Convention Center with her mom, her niece, and her niece’s two-year-old daughter. There, she witnessed acts of surprising humanity by armed thugs, taking charge and doing good. (15 minutes)

Song: ” When the Levee Breaks,” Memphis Minnie

Act Two. Forgotten, But Not Lost.

To find out more about the bridge Denise talked about in act one and the armed police who prevented pedestrians from crossing, This American Life producer Alex Blumberg talks with Lorrie Beth Slonsky and her husband Larry Bradshaw. They’re paramedics from San Francisco who were visiting New Orleans for a convention when Hurricane Katrina hit. After the storm, they tried to escape the city in a number of ways. When they tried to leave the city on foot, they were told, at gunpoint, by police, that they must turn back. We also hear from Debbie Zelinsky, who was with them. (17 minutes)

Song: “Walking to New Orleans,” Fats Domino

Act Three. Social Studies Lesson.

We compare Fox TV talk show host Bill O’Reilly’s ideas about the hurricane’s aftermath with those of Ashley Nelson, an 18-year-old who lives in the Lafitte Housing projects in New Orleans, in one of the flooded neighborhoods. Among other things, she explains what it feels like to go without food and water for two days. (5 minutes) Ashley is the author of an amazing book called The Combination, about her neighborhood in New Orleans. Contact The Neighborhood Stories Project for information on getting a copy.

Song: ” Them That Got,” Ray Charles

Act Four. Diaspora.

Hundreds of thousands of Gulf residents evacuated before the storm and followed the whole thing from afar. Cheryl Wagner left for Gainesville, Florida, where her friends advised her to buy a gun and a mean dog before returning home to New Orleans. (4 minutes)

Act Five. Displaced Persons Camp.

In August 2004, Hurricane Charley devastated parts of Florida. Afterwards, FEMA built a trailer park to provide immediate temporary housing for those who’d lost their homes in the storm. More than a year later, over 500 trailers are still there — and in them, more than a thousand people with nowhere else to go. Just this week in the New York Times, a FEMA official said that the kinds of mobile homes found in Punta Gorda may become “the standard” for those left without homes due to Hurricane Katrina. This American Life producer Lisa Pollak talked to the park’s residents to see how things are going and talk about their prospects for moving on a year later. (5 minutes)
Songs: “Sitting in Limbo,” Jimmy Cliff; and “Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans?” Louis Armstrong and his Dixieland Seven

Sorry for the slow posting lately, I’m busy as a bee.

Mad plugs to go around…

- Saturday night my lovely fiancee Romy Kaye will be performing at Carrollton Station with Caleb Guillotte and Craig Caliva. Show starts at 9:30 p.m.

- Also Saturday ya boy Varg will be around the Avenue Pub area on St. Charles displaying some New Orleans folk art made from salvaged wood. There will also be an art auctionn that day to help pay the legal fees of ReX…

Donated Artwork for NoLA Rising Auction :: Michalopoulos Print- ReX (Michael Dingler)- Steve 504Whatstyle – Defend New Orleans Poster- Lance Vargas – Joy Gauss – STARHEAD – ChadMo – Ellipses – Emily Macafor – JAUG – Mojo – unknownparts – Lisa from J’anita’s – Sarah Rosedahl – DREW – Laura Skelton – JAMES DINGLER – BonuS SaveS – Miss Manou – Kid A – & Other Donations that are on their Way and will be posted once they are received…

Who: ReX and his Army that rule the night
When: Noon until that night. Auction portion of the day will end around seven or eight, but you can bid all day
What: An Art Auction and an Art Show
Where: The Avenue Pub, 1732 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans (corner of Polymnia)
Why: Why the hell not?

- And if anyone is in the French Quarter and is looking for any Vintage clothes or kitschy gifts, my friend Pat just reopened her shop the Ragin Daisy at 901 Chartres St. across from Harry’s Bar. She’s been shut since the storm but she’s back and rarin’ to go. Help a girl out and buy something up in there.

- Also Romy will be recording some music with Craig Cortello of the Metairie Cortellos that will be released soon. You can check some of the stuff they have recorded together here.

- If anyone around town meets a new girl named Alyson from California. That’s my old neighbor from San Diego. She rules!

Bye now.