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… out for justice in Jefferson Parish. Criminals may think they are above the law but will be under siege and marked for death because he’s hard to kill.

From Variety…

Steven Seagal can now add “reality TV lead” to his resume, as A&E is in production on nonfiction skein “Steven Seagal: Lawman” in New Orleans.

According to the net, Seagal has been working on and off as a fully commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish County Sheriff’s Office for nearly two decades. One of his stints found him assisting with recovery efforts during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

“Lawman” also will document his life off the beat, including his musical and philanthropic activities in the Big Easy.

“I decided to work with A&E on this series now because I believe it’s important to show the nation all the positive work being accomplished here in Louisiana,” Seagal said of the new venture.

Seagal “helps fight crime because he cares about the community,” said Robert Sharenow, A&E’s senior veep of nonfiction and alternative programming. “Lawman” is skedded for a late 2009 bow.

I recall after the storm there was some consideration to turning this lot into a Fema trailer park that some NIMBYs in the neighborhood were against. My finacee wants it to be a Trader Joe’s. According to this article in may perhaps be an movie lot.
Algiers film center proposed.

Black New Orleans voters got what they wanted with Obama, will sit out race for Congress. Well, one of them anyway.
In New Orleans, beyond black and white politics
LA Times

“Housing advocates say the program’s failure has contributed to a 40-percent spike in rents citywide. That has forced the federal government to pour even more Band-Aid relief into the recovery, including a $28-million-a-month Disaster Housing Assistance Program that helps 31,000 families pay the inflated rents.”
Rents up in New Orleans while $846m sits unclaimed

It’s been a while since I have utilized my ubiquitous WTF category but the the rules states that if at any time I utter the phrase while reading article then it applies. Thus, the phrase was uttered at around the the fifth paragraph of this article…

SDT’s investigator says waste dumped as sabotage

“That was the first time we ever did that, man, ” Barbarin said. “That’s why all the drivers were suspicious, man.”

Best quote ever! The humanity bleeds through!

Anyways, the whole thing is a, ahem, shitstorm.

Schiff calls the credit crisis two years ago and is consistently laughed at. The amount of ridicule he endures is amazing and the proliferation of this video must be some sort of reckoning.

Just a note to, tell your interns and temps to never, ever…ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever put exclamation points in your display text. Especially when, you know, it concerns the end of someone’s career and such.

From this story on the ongoing war of words between Ray and the City Council, Nagin said:

“The only thing I can tell you is that I probably have enough energy to get to the end of my term, and then I’m gonna go take a break . . . I need a break from politics, that’s for sure. This is the hardest job in America.”

Probably? If only that “probably were a “perhaps.” Hey Ray, you can go now if you want to.

Well, I highly recommend an event my friend Soren Vandegaard is participating in in the Bywater…

The new New Orleans is a collaborative effort. New Resonance Orchestra is the new New Orleans. Come and Be the Music.

Presenting: Rebuilding Appalachian Spring

Saturday, November 15, 2008 8:30 pm

Tickets are $10 at the door, online at
or by calling 866-468-7630.

That’s if you are in the Bywater and don’t feel like going Uptown. If you are Uptown and don’t feel like going to the Bywater, check out…

CALEB GUILLOTTE & CRAIG CALIVA With gal pals ROMY KAYE & ELISABETH GILL At Carrollton Station on Saturday, November 15th. Opening for Drew DeLaune……9:30ish

We haven’t played since the August, so you know you hunger for our power pop meets roots rock filtered through acoustic anti-folk post jazz urgency with a delightful sprinkling of murder ballads.

Of course, during the day Saturday, both Soren and I will be at Jackson Square from 8 till dawn. At least I think Soren will be there.

Anyway, those are your plugs…

The NOLA Candle Factory
4537 N. Robertson at Japonica Street, Bywater
New Orleans, LA 70117

My friend Biog Bob says in reference to this…

Nagin Decries ‘Crude’ Remarks During Meeting

…is meant to turn attention toward whether or not Stacy Head is a race-baiter and a potty mouth and away from the issue of budgeting for waste management. And I have to say that I agree with Big Bob. I’d also like to add that the accusations are not unfounded in that sort of way that they can be interpreted in some other way but rather she never said it. Nothing close to profanity or race-baiting left her mouth in the tape that I saw. If there is another tape in which Head says these things, I’d love to hear it.

Nagin’s accusations of racism don’t hurt Head as much as they hurt the truly prejudiced and afflicted citizens of New Orleans who deal with prejudice on a daily basis. Also, it’s regretful that anyone may take Nagin’s remarks at face value and not actually see the video of the incident for themselves.

Also, though I was tempted to add Nagin’s latest actions to his “Inanity” sin, I think they belong in “Dischord” instead.

It’s where Chevron moved their offices after Katrina to “reinforces (their) commitment to the greater New Orleans area“, skeered upper class white folks flee to when even Metairie gets too crazy for them and…wait…huh? Krazy Klansmen kill one of their own in a botched initiation ritual? What the shit?!

Slain woman was part of KKK initiation ritual, St. Tammany sheriff says

Jesus, what a nightmare…

The initiation continued at the campsite, with rituals that consisted mainly of lighting torches and “running around in the woods, ” Strain said.

Foster’s son, Shane Foster, and Frank Stafford showed up at the Circle K store on Louisiana 21 in Bogalusa early Monday morning and asked the clerk how they could remove bloodstains from their clothes, said Lt. Tom Anderson of the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office. The clerk, who recognized the men, later called the Sheriff’s Office, and the men were soon found, Anderson said.

Insane racist fuckers from Oklahoma, meet the insane racist fuckers from Louisiana.

Also interesting to note in the story, these seemingly contradicting lines…

An investigation Monday resulted in the arrests of eight members of the Klan branch, which had flown under the radar of officials in St. Tammany and Washington parishes, investigators said.


The woman apparently learned about Foster’s group, the Sons of Dixie, through the Internet

But wait, the North Shore has more!

Arson suspected in Mandeville house fire; owner leading effort to recall Mayor Eddie Price.

Until the fire marshal’s investigation is complete, Boudreaux will not entertain the notion of a connection between the “Recall Mayor Price” sign in front of his house and the blaze that upended his life.

“Understand I am in no way suggesting Eddie Price or his supporters burned my house down okay? I am not even saying that at all! At least not until the fire marshal finished his investigation!”

Now these are some North Shore stories!

By the way, I have a North Shore story myself. I was buying a dresser around Christmas time in 2006 off Craigslist and fella said he lived in Lacombe. So I figured I would get the dresser on my way home to Pensacola that year. After very nearly getting wiped out on I-12 (the truck pulling a large trailer skidded into the median next to me), getting stuck in congested mall shopping at the exit, driving down lonely rode after lonely road, I finally found the guy’s house and, from the looks of it, thought for sure I was going to end up putting the lotion in the basket at the bottom of a deep, dark hole. After entering the home that smelled of weed and hearing how wonderful his cassette deck mixing station was, I got the dresser and got the hell out of there.

Tomorrow’s forecast…

Rain to hold off for one more day

So go outside and see how hard it is to hold a candle.