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Oil protest scheduled for Sunday at Washington Artillery Park…

Murdered Gulf: Stop the BP OIl Flood Now!

I am not sure why but, there are a lot of people that just hate protests. Even if they are for the cause, they just have this aversion to the gathering.

I’ve been to three protests since I got all civic-minded in 2005. The first was the 2007 crime march, the second was a rainy and early Eddie Jordan protest and the third was the Canal St. protest of Ray Nagin’s leadership award.

The last one could have really been considered fun. Protesting a mayor for being as ineffective and arrogant as Nagin was allowed for a raucous protest to mock him. The Jordan protest was tiny and Fox news reporters were giving us instructions on how to look better organized (“walk around in circles”). The crim march was awesome though, as years pass I wonder how much good it did. The Nagin administration was never really the same but I can’t say if any of that had to do with the protest. It did give him an opportunity to herald his crime camera program and we all know how that worked out for him.

The worst thing about protests is they seem to be easily mocked. If the cause isn’t right, if the numbers aren’t large enough, if the organizers don’t have it together, it all just looks like a farce. A few folks I have talked to have wondered what would be protested on Sunday. They posted it on their site.

Good luck yall.

Hello Hubig Pies!

My name is Lance Vargas and I have a blog online called “The Chicory.” There has been a bit of discussion on the Web recently about the appearance of a Hubig Pie in the first episode of HBO’s Treme. Some say that pies weren’t being made at this time and therefore wouldn’t have been available. Others say the pie could have still been around since before the storm.

I decided to go straight to the source. If you good folks could answer these it would clear everything up and we on the Internet could go on to argue about other stuff.

1. Were any Hubig’s Pies being sold in New Orleans in December of 2005? Including either freshly made pies or perhaps ones that had been in store’s inventory since August of 2005?

2. When did Hubig’s pies start being made after the flood?

2. What is the shelf life of a Hubig pie?

3. Could a stale Hubig pie be made fresher by heating it up in a microwave and perhaps touched up witha syrup or sauce?

Thanks guys! Keep making great pies!

Lance Vargas
The Chicory


Hey Lance,

Thanks for your interest! To answer your questions briefly: we buy back any pie that’s still on the market 9 days after it’s made, and we didn’t resume making pies until January or February of 2006–so any pies that might have been available three months after Hurricane Katrina would certainly have been loooong expired!

We never endorse eating a pie that’s expired. A lot of customers do like to microwave pies, no matter how fresh (a few seconds will do it).

As for syrups and sauces, I’m not personally familiar with the use of any such enhancements on a Hubig’s. After the “drizzle something on it!” episode, I did post a poll on our Facebook page asking what folks might like to drizzle on their pies; we got some intriguing suggestions, but also many comments to the effect that a Hubig’s pie needs no embellishment!

Martin at Hubig’s

President Obama is planning another visit to the Gulf Coast to view the progress on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill. Before he arrives, he should be advised that the people of South Louisiana are cynical of presidential visits. We have seen viewing of disaster areas before. We have heard promises and speeches before. There are even songs that mention them.

In this Times-Pic story, Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen said that the plugging of the leak is in BP’s hands as they are the most qualified to handle it. Fair enough. It sounds like we are at the mercy of a foreign company to me. But hey, if they are the most qualified. Fine. Sucks, but fine. It also mentions that he has checked with the high-ranking officials from other oil companies and they all agree with BP’s current methods. That’s laughable to me. Did anyone check to see if they had “Stop Snitching” shirts on?

So it is all being left up to BP and and they are making the rules. So, I don’t see what the point of Obama coming down to oversee it. I see why he is doing it but I don’t see how it is going to help us. It seems like it will help him. What he could do is get his ass in gear (a favorite phrase of my mother’s) and do what he can to immediately begin protecting the coast from the devastation of oil landfall, something is probably too late to do. And I am probably sure the plan in this situation is to let the oil company handle everything as well. Maybe President Obama should stop by and chat with Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser?

I’m with that. No clean up. Keep it from getting to the shore.

This is two disasters in five years for South Louisiana. We are weary. I wonder if President Obama has listened to President Bush’s speech from Jackson Square and if he has put it in the context our new disaster…

I consider detailed emergency planning to be a national security priority.

the institution of our government most capable of massive logistical operations on a moment’s notice.

Americans have every right to expect a more effective response in a time of emergency. When the federal government fails to meet such an obligation, I as president am responsible for the problem, and for the solution.

That’s what the last guy told us. And the difference between him and Obama is actually a similarity, instead of a Democrat governor and a Republican president we have a Democrat President and a Republican Governor.

Sorry Barack, two trips to observe progress seems pitiful. It seems familiar.

Thirty-nine photos of oil in the bayou. Every gulf municipality should sue. $75 million isn’t enough. Kill baby, kill.

Snapped a few photos of what the new Fischer development coming up over here in Algiers looks like. These houses went up pretty fast. I am sure they are better than the previous buildings that were there but can’t speak for how they will stand up to a hurricane.

The first phase of the development was finished a few years back and there have been a few murders in there since. Maybe one a year or less. There’s a convenience store outside the development that has seen perhaps five murders in the last two years.

Even though the poverty is less concentrated. It still seems concentrated.



Most people probably recognized Anwan Glover from The Wire when he appeared on Treme as the OPP inmate who took Daymo “under my wing.” But since I just started The Wire season three in Cox OnDemand, I actually recognized Slim Charles in The Wire from Treme.

Either way, he’s got a pretty amazing screen presence. I said as much to Romy after his episode ended. I would try and describe his voice but the writer of this Q&A does it for me, “deep and rough, battle-worn.” The voice goes with the acting. I couldn’t help but worry about Daymo after his encounter.

It’s unlikely he will be a regular character on Treme. I’m not sure I even want to see his character again actually. ‘Cause that MFer was SCARY. Credit that to the actor. It would be cool to see Anwar Glover again.

Some may recall this post last summer when a Huntsman Spider invaded my laundry room. Well, the weather’s getting warmer and Sunday night, another appeared. That’s 8-inch baseboard he’s on.



In many previous posts on this blog I have ridiculed for the numerous grammar errors and general lack of editorial oversight within its site. I know they frequently utilized temps and interns and they do make more mistakes than folks who are employed with bennies and what not. I am not sure if the site just got more picky with who they let go live with content or if the editors stepped it up.

But it occurred to me the other day that the errors have been less frequent recently. And I simply wanted to give credit where it is due.

Now, for a trip down memory lane…

Something Not Right Again
Swayze lived 25 years longer than any known sufferer of pancreatic cancer.

A Few Questions
It’s the reporting in this one that’s all tossed up, presumably because it’s being typed in from the courthouse but still, run another set of eyes over that shit.

Causeway is Clear
There was a period in 2008 where they must have been really seeking Northshore advertising money because there was something about the condition of the Causeway several times a day. Sometimes the reports were contradictory and there were often reports of the morning commute still on the site late in the afternoon.

Weed Again!
The interns and temps must have been smoked out in June and August of 2008 because they used ‘weed’ in lieu of ‘marijuana in two heds that summer.

Don’t Do It
As in, “Don’t use exclamation points in heds.”

Worst Hed Ever…
The temps and interns must have gone ahead and taken over the ship by 2009 as evidenced by these terrible, terrible heds.

Did It Wrong Agin
See what I did here? I kill me.

An Error in Time-Space
This one from 2009 really freaked me out for a second. I thought we were being attacked! By Republicans! Gets All 2-Legged Dog On Us
…from last Christmas. They must have made a New Year’s resolution to improve. Perhaps they stuck to it?

You have heard them. “If you drive a car back and forth to work every day than you should have expected this sort of thing to happen.” Or, “As long as you depend on oil, there are going to be accidents like this.”

Well, no and no. Leaving out the fact that my shop and my home office are located right here on 829 Pacific and a tank of gas in my Camry usually lasts all month, I also have certain expectations from my giant, prosperous oil companies.

The first is that they don’t make mistakes. I know this sounds unrealistic. But let’s consider that these are some of the richest companies in the world. Who we all pay for their product at the pump and many other ways. So the expectation is there (why else would there be so much regulation) that they not fuck up.

But even I know they are going to fuck up. They know they are going to fuck up. Everybody knows they are going to fuck up.

So, here is another expectation. When there is a fuck up, have some sort of contingency plan that will help reduce the amount of damage it does. I’m not an expert, I’m just a victim. Not a victim like the eleven men who died and not a victim like those in fishing industry, but I am certainly on their side. And to a lesser extent, I am a victim too. Again.

But hey, I should have expected it. I am just as guilty. That’s bullshit actually. These companies are in the most lucrative business in the world. They should have some sort of plan better than, “Let’s scoop it up with some booms or, “I know, we will lower a house on it and suck it up through the top.” Or, “We can drill a relief well that will take a month or so.”

In the meantime, South Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, an entire region of a country, will just wait around being victimized.

I guess all the regulations (and there were many) just weren’t enough. And I am sure, any more that will be imposed after this incident will only serve to drive the cost of oil up and up. Perhaps that’s a good thing.