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I’m a firm believer in looking toward yourself to understand and grasp societies problems. Because somewhere in there, overtly, covertly, you are just as twisted as the rest of them. Or you can at least relate to the nature of the beast. It’s not more than a few simply leaps in basic needs really.

This is why I am just pretty darn mad at myself for my first thought (some say the best thought) upon hearing Stormy Daniels has been arrested for domestic abuse…

Porn star mulling La. Senate race has a tough week

See, once I read this I thought, “Oh hell, there is no way I am voting for her now. She hits her husband for issues relating to clothing!”

And then I caught myself. Did the issue of her pornography career not disqualify her? How about her lack of experience eh Varg? And actually, it wasn’t until the arrest that I considered her to be off limits.

Even though these are my very own thoughts. I don’t even understand them. Does being a porn star cause someone to lose my vote? I just can’t answer that. No experience? If that’s the case I wouldn’t have voted for Obama over McCain. The hypocrisy of Vitter counts for something. And I know she wasn’t serious in her run but really was there to make Vitty feel nervous but…what if it came down to the two of them? I’ve voted Republican before. But, there is NO WAY I am voting for someone that beats their spouse. Cheating doesn’t disqualify for some strange reason.

See, I AM twisted!

Also, her political advisor’s car was blown up RHINO. And he uttered a very fine newspaper quote in the aftermath…

“I really wish this had not happened,” Welsh, 38, said. “I need a car.”

I think I said that after smashing up my Prelude back in the day.

New Orleans City Councilwoman Shelley Midura will not seek re-election next year

While Batt remains the only announced candidate, several potential challengers are being mentioned.

They include state Rep. Neil Abramson, a first-term Democrat from Uptown; Karen Gadbois, an activist who founded the Web site;

Karen’s officially “been mentioned.” That’s better than “talked about.”

Go Gadfly.

How Do These Shirts Look?

I have two questions:

Is it a joke?


Is that Arnie Fielkow?

… there needs to be some tiny record of the anger.

Psychics see magic in Michael Jackson’s life

When Glynis McCants looks at Michael Jackson’s life, she sees the number five.

Jackson’s talent was discovered when he was 5 years old, he came to fame as a member of the Jackson 5 and he planned a series of 50 concert dates in London, England, as part of a comeback tour before he died on June 25 at the age of 50.

For McCants, a noted numerologist and author, those facts are very telling: “Five is the number for drama, and it was in his life his whole life.”

This isn’t a MJ post. It’s a post on unproven paranormal stuff being posted as news and it’s becoming more and more common on CNN’s front page. I’ve seen all sorts of ghosts and images in toast and UFOs showing up there.

It’s a difficult argument to say CNN is tasked with reporting the important stuff because what is important is the subjective part. As a media outlet, CNN should provide news that is important to the people and if enough people think the psychic stuff matters then it needs to go ahead and do the stories.

Folks rail against the media a lot and I have been known to say that the media IS us. It’s society that demands this crap. But society also needs a scapegoat because no one person is going to take responsibility. So it gets put on the media. And they don’t do us any favors by sucking the blood.

Regardless of whose fault it is (and I have made it a standard to not click on these links but did so in this case because I was writing a post about it and needed to know what I was talking about)*, the point remains that in these times it truly falls on the concerned citizens to pay attention to what is happening to us. Because the monoliths are keeping us doped on religion, sex and TV.

And I can’t help but think if more were done to better educate folks on coastal restoration and flood protection, we wouldn’t be met with such ignorance every step of the way.

Also, it is 7 that dictated MJ’s life…

And I’ll buy a beer for anyone who can make the same coincidences with, oh, I don’t know, 4.

* I understand posting the link will draw more hits. This post overflows with contradictions.

Even though it’s stated without exposition that she has “faded,” Molly’s strangely moved up a notch in the Gambit’s top 50 bars in New Orleans this year. I pitched a fit last year with her placement at 50 so now I can say, “Suck it Avenue Pub! You’re now the worst Best Bar in New Orleans!”

Since bloggers tend to think everything that happens is because of them I can only assume my post bumped her up in the rankings. It had to be.

I’d like to put in a suggestion for Slaughterhouse Point’s Crown and Anchor next year. They have very cold Stella on tap.

I have been to 28 of the bars on this list.

Please see Jeffrey’s synopsis of this years list.

Lt. Gov. Mitch Landrieu: ‘I do not intend to run for Mayor of New Orleans’

And that’s fine on account of the fact that he suffers from Gore-Kerry Syndrome. A disorder that affects political candidates who just can’t seem to get it together to defeat seemingly inferior opponents.

I can hear them now, “Even their football team is crooked!” And am I to understand Houser was either kept on because he was chummy with brass or let go because he suddenly wasn’t?
More than two dozen with ties to the New Orleans Saints invested in movie studio deal.

“For instance, all that remains of New Orleans would probably be the French Quarter and the airport.” This is convenient because that is all many people think exists right now.
Will much of New Orleans be underwater by 2100?
The Christian Science Monitor

MRGO Web site launched.
MRGO Ecosystem Restoration Plan Feasibility Study

In a time when Honduras is under a coup, New Orleans is sinking and housing looks like it is possibly heading into recovery, CNN wants us to know there are creatures jumping from women’s breasts…