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2 parts Wild Turkey
1 part sweet vermouth
Splash of bitters
1 half squeezed Plaquemines Parish satsuma

There once was a time when I opened Craigslist every day and poured over the job postings looking for something, anything. I was never very successful. It was a frustrating process that was detailed in this post back in 2007…

When Enough Isn’t Enough

But it’s gotten amazingly worse…

Nov 16 – Web designer needed – (French Quarter)

Nov 12 – Web programmer needed – (CBD/New Orleans)

Nov 11 – Nonprofit looking for Web Designer – (New Orleans)

Nov 6 – Apple Tech to make I-phone app -

Nov 2 – Looking for a Web Designer – (New Orleans)

Oct 29 – Thanks to All, I have a webmaster – (new orleans)

Oct 25 – Web design for New Orleans Burlesque Festival – (New Orleans)
Few LOCAL results found. Here are some from NEARBY areas…

Nov 23 – Build my Retail Website and maintain it. ON-Line sales – (Ocean Springs, MS / St. Martin)

Oct 28 – Needing Computer Programmer for Android Apps – (Lockport / Houma)

What’s scary is that they are all gigs, not jobs. Where are the firms? If media is moving to the Web, who is designing all this stuff? It’s all DIY?

My other trade at the time, writing and editing looks worse…

Nov 12 – Proposal Writer – (New Orleans)

Nov 11 – Real Estate Writer and Data Analyst – (New Orleans)

Oct 30 – Free Lance Writers for Local Magazine – (Metairie)

Oct 29 – Grant Writer – (Gretna)

Thank the Universe there is SOME releif though! Here are yesterday’s F&B listings!

Mon Nov 23


Restaurant Manager – (new orleans area)

Experienced Bartender needed – (French Quarter)

Part time line cook – (Lola’s)

Fine Dining Servers, Experienced – (French Quarter)

Plaquemines Parish Citrus Farmer -


Ex. Chef/Kitchen Manager – (New Orleans)

Line cook needed for Butcher/Calcasieu -

Mr. B’s Bistro Now Hiring Host/Hostess – (French Quarter)

Cage Cashier Position – (Bourbon St)

Servers, Hosts, Foodrunners – (Harvey, LA)

B and B Management Opportunity – (New Orleans)

**Experienced Breakfast cook NEEDED ASAP** – (Cafe Royale * Metairie)

City Diner – Server – 11 PM – 7 AM – (Metairie)

Lobby Attendant – (Metairie, La.)

District Manager,Supermarket Deli/Bakeries – (Louisiana & Surrounding States)

McAlister’s Deli needs shift leaders – (Uptown)

Cakes, Cakes and More Cakes – (New Orleans, La)


Bartender & Waitsfaff – (New Orleans)

Bartender Needed- No Experience – (Kenner, LA)

Front Desk Agents Needed! – (New Orleans Hospitality Companies)

Muriel’s Jackson Square Hiring FOH Manager – (French Quarter)

Muriel’s Jackson Square Hiring Assistant Servers/ Runners – (French Quarter)

Housekeeping Manager – (New Orleans, LA)

PBX Operator – Hilton Garden Inn – (New Orleans )

Bellman – Hilton Garden Inn – (New Orleans )

Line Cook – Hilton Garden Inn – (New Orleans )

Food Server – Hilton Garden Inn – (New Orleans )

Food and Beverage Supervisor – Hilton Garden Inn – (New Orleans )

General Manager – Hilton Garden Inn New Orleans Convention Center – (New Orleans )

Valet – (Emeril’s Delmonico Restaurant)

Valet – (Emeril’s Restaurant)

General Cashier Needed for Busy Bourbon Street Hotel! – (Royal Sonesta Hotel)

Banquet Server -

Waitress/Cocktail Server – (Bourbon)

Hope Lodge Evening Manager – (New Orleans, LA)

Server Position – (French Quarter)

Domenica – (Roosevelt Hotel)

When I read about the ad I actually thought it was worse than it actually turned out to be. But it seemed fine actually. I don’t have high expectations of politicians (local and otherwise) anyway so it’s not exactly offensive that one might use bleeped out cuss words in their ads. Though when Pants said this in his post Unbelievable Douchebag of the Day:

the purpose of using such strong language is to communicate that you, um, feel strongly about something. If you aren’t going to own up to and stand by your cursing, then people have a right to question your sincerity.

Don’t (bleepin) insult our (bleep-bleep) intelligence brah. Are you (bleepin) me. That type of (bleep) seems slippery.

Also, I was really impressed with the actors. Unless he of course used real, live pissed off New Orlenians. That would be awesome. I would like to volunteer for the next one. My inclusion doesn’t include my vote though! Whoa! Hey!

… so I will do it too. You know how they wait until the middle of hurricane season to suddenly decide their awful predictions actually aren’t going to happen?

Well, heh, see, I predicted the Saints would go 8-8- back in August and well, it seems like that is, well, it’s impossible actually. I even went so far as to say the Saints would go 8-8- forever.

So I am just making an adjustment to my earlier statement to say, and I mean this, we WONT finish 8-8.

I actually like the chances of this vulnerable Saints team better than the team that was being talked about as undefeated a few weeks back. Because once that talk kicked off, the sloppy Saints showed up. Now everyone is talking about how sloppy they are so maybe the iconic Saints will show back up.

It makes me wonder why I wont go ahead and commit to predicting an undefeated season. I think we could very well beat New England at the Mothership on Monday night. I think we could certainly beat Dallas also at home. I think if we do stand to lose a few games down the stretch it might be the Atlanta or Carolina away games. Any of those four games I could see us losing but certainly not all of them. It’s also unlikely we will win them all.

I think I am just going to stick to my 8-8 prediction actually.

I took a call at the Square the other day for a poll on the Mayor’s race and, from the questions being asked, I had a feeling I couldn’t shake that Mitch Landrieu is thinking about getting back in. I only say this because one of the questions was along the lines of, “What would you think if Landrieu reentered the race?” With, “He wants what is best for New Orleans” among the answers. I was distracted a bit and a more politcally minded person may have been able to gleen more from the conversation but it sure seemed like feelers were being put out. There were a lot of questions about candidates that were already running and Landrieu was the only “potential candidate” that was being asked about and there were more questions being asked about him than any of the others.

I finished the poll by saying, “Tell Mitch to go ahead and run.”

Last night’s Blogging 101 event was a success and I wanted to extend the invitation to all who attended to feel free to ask anyone in Rising Tide whatever questions you may have.

Also, mad props to Max at Bridge Lounge for not only being a swell cat but also providing the room to us. Check out the Bridge Lounge next time you want to have an Irish Channel beer.

Also to the “nameless” benefactor of our beer. We salute you!

In the era of pay-outs and a general state of hemorrhaging staffs I often wonder why still bothers putting national news on their front page anymore. I honestly thought hyper-local was the way things were going.

Baltimore mayor goes on trial after being accused of stealing needy families’ gift cards

Now I get it. It’s local because we too have a tossed-up Mayor but at least he isn’t stealing gift cards from needy kids! See the local link! I am going to be keeping an eye on these so-called “national” news stories and making the link to how it matters to New Orleans. Haven’t figured out why baloon boy was on the front page though. I guess they felt left out of the clusterfuck.

… and it’s not because he covers works of art with ugly gray paint. Well, I actually think he sucks for that too but, let’s be honest, it’s an open debate. It’s a subjective sort of suck. What some folks may call public art, others may call graffiti. Fred thinks he knows the difference, others disagree. It’s kind of a mess.

However, a reason he sucks that really can’t be denied is that Fred causes more ugliness than he covers up. If he were into true eradication of graffiti he would be out there with paint removal products like RemoverMagic. But instead he just adds more paint. Okay, whatever. Some may think that gray paint is more neutral than large bubble letters boasting someone’s tagger name or such. It’s debatable, but fine.

How about what’s going on in these pictures?

What we see here are stickers and flyers being covered up with gray paint when they could very easily have been removed by hand. If you look, in some photos nature has already removed whatever piece of offending media was on the property and the only thing that remains is the gray paint. In another, the offending sticker is only half as large as the paint covering it. These items are not presenting a problem that wouldn’t be washed away by the elements or by Fred himself if he took the time to actually beautify city property rather than vandalize it.

Why doesn’t Fred invest in a pressure washer? Why doesn’t he try harder to remove graffiti rather than painting over it?

The answer? Because Fred himself is a tagger.

These photos were taken on Poydras across from the ‘Dome if anyone is interested. It’s also the spot where I found one of Fred’s paintbrushes tossed on the ground.

What: Blogging 101 Class: An Introduction to Blogging for the Utter Novice
When: Thursday, Nov. 12; 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Where: The Bridge Lounge, 1201 Magazine St
Why: To Learn About Blogging and for Free Beer.
Who: Rising Tide

This class will be taught by two local bloggers and will focus on blogging platforms, hosting, getting started, a walk-through of basic blog software, posting, adding media, blogrolls, linking, commenting and more. Laptops are encouraged.

My poor wife has been suffering from some sort of gastro-intestinal virus over the last few days and is upset about it’s slowing her down and not allowing her to party with the Saints Monday, go to pilates, do chores and everything else. Her frustrations culminated this morning when she said, “I just want to do what I wanna do!”

So I said, “You just want to “Do Whatcha Wanna!” And quickly Googled a video search for the phrase that I hoped would bring up a decent version of the song.

I discovered long ago that the Internet was a dark and pervasive place in certain neighborhoods. And that assertion has been consistently reinforced ever since…

Josh Jazztrance to Rebirth Brass Band – Do Whatcha Wanna

Jazz | MySpace Video