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If you happen to be Uptown tonight, stop by the Neutral Ground Coffeehouse at 9 p.m. sharp to catch torchy jazz chanteuse Romy Kaye accompanied by guitarist Craig Cortello of the Metairie Cortellos performing in their duo, S.O.N.O.M.A.

For a sneak preview, check this out.

See ya there!

Neutral ground is at 5110 Danneel St. (504) 891-3381

Actual job posting in the Nola Craigslist “writing/editing” section…

I am currently seeking someone to wite an academic paper for me. The paper should be 2100 words and its for my management class. The paper has to be in your own words. I will run the paper through a plagirism checker. This assignment should only take you a few days. Please email for more information.

Somebody should tell this douchemook that even if an out-of-work writer was stupid enough to take this assignment and put together a 2100 word academic essay in “a few days,” the rate of pay equals to about 3.5 cents a word, terrible pay for a writing gig.

And also, let’s hope this person’s instructor doesn’t have a “plagirism” checker. It’s funny this guy has a “plagirism” checker yet her or she doesn’t have a spell checker. After seeing their spelling and the sheer stupidity of posting this in the first place, I can tell they need a little help in college, unfortunately they are so bad at business they think only $75 is decent pay for what they freely assume is a few days work (even though a decent paper should probably take longer).

Link Update: post has been removed by forces related to good sense currently existing in our universe.

deuce mcallister

A Requiem for Deuce McAllister

Deuce McAllister is my favorite Saint. No doubt about it. I always liked Morten Anderson but, when it comes to sheer heart, there is no one that comes close to Deuce. We all talk about last year’s playoff game against Philadelphia and his dragging what seemed like the entire Eagle defense and some of the guys on the bench into the end zone. People talk about that play a lot for good reason, it showed how bad he wanted it that year.

I’ve heard rumors about how injury may have limited his role in the Saints loss to Chicago the next week, and I have suspected perhaps it might have been what was limiting him so far this season. I do know when I heard, “McAllister slow to get up,” my heart sank like it was 2005 all over again.

I’d love to think there will be a future for Deuce here in New Orleans though I suspect Coach Payton might not cooperate given his history with veterans whom he thinks have outlasted their usefulness. The guys on the radio today were referring to Deuce’s second torn ACL as possibly career-ending. I’m not sure about that. I do know many teams may not want to take a chance on a 30 year-old RB with two stitched together knees, especially considering how stiff Deuce liked to play (see play mentioned above). I hope I’m wrong.

The thing we all should accept is how many running backs have had their careers cut short by injury, they are always the first to go due to all the literal and figurative heavy lifting they do during their careers.

I can at least be happy that Deuce was sharp enough to have a fall-back plan.

But I’d rather have him back here honestly. Get well soon Deuce.

Dear Dr. Morris,

My condolences on the passing of your idol, Marcel Marceau. I know how much he influenced you.

Forwarding it to everyone I know…

Watch for the ‘wagon wheel’ cameo!

More here, here, and here.


Just a hint to members of the KKK out there, if you are going to drive by a group of 200 black people with a truck full of weapons and a noose hanging from the back, don’t do it when bazillions of national media and African American leaders are in protest mode around the general vicinity. Also, if you are going to go ahead and do this (though I must repeat, I don’t recommend it) don’t do it while you are intoxicated with a minor in the truck!

Not the sharpest tools in the shed these folks.

Also, I know there was some debate about the necessity of the march on Jena going on on local radio stations yesterday. I hope this puts that to rest. But, knowing what I know about racist white folks, they will never give an inch to the other side. Even when overwhelming evidence is presented against them.

The funny thing is if you call them a racist, they will deny it! That’s because our great country has done an excellent job communicating to its masses that racism is wicked. But we have poorly executed the tutelage of what racism actually is.



Dear Coach Payton,

Since our kicker is struggling, and since drafting old guys is all the rage in the NFC South. Might I suggest drafting former all-time great place kicker Gary Anderson? Sure he is 49 years old but, he is also a helluva kicker! Second on the all-time leading scorer list actually. You know who is first? Recently-drafted-by-Atlanta kicker Morten Anderson. These two have a good-natured rivalry over who will retain the scoring title longest. You could use Anderson for the short shots that Mare can’t seem to make and then use Mare for the long-legged kicks! Can’t lose!

Also, the only thing he is doing these days is fishing in Alberta, Canada.

Let me know if you need any more tips.

A fan,

Lance ‘Varg’ Vargas

P.S. Some of the local sports commentators say look like Malcolm in the Middle Frankie Muniz but I don’t think so.

(actually sent to Saint organization)

I would have loved to have been in the audience at this panel this panel discussion blogged about over at B. Rox. The title of which was “Online user comments and its impact on news coverage, news Web sites and freedom of speech.”

My basic argument hasn’t been against the inclusion of comments on mainstream media blogs, it is against anonymous comments on mainstream blogs. When I was at a weekly paper in San Diego, we wouldn’t allow any anonymous letters to the editor to be printed in the paper. We wouldn’t even allow anonymous sources to be cited in stories. With stories comments essentially being adrenalized letters to the editor, similar rules should be established by the papers to see that there is a name and a real person applied to each comment.

The papers have to find a way to make people responsible for what they put on the sites. I don’t mean responsibility in that the paper can track down readers who make offensive comments, but so anyone who makes a comment will have their name attached to it and take ownership of it.

Part of what makes a person willing or unwilling to spew their drivel is how it (and they) will be viewed by their peers. Society’s norms are influenced by the society on the individual. If the individual in this case is simply NolaEastboy75 and he owns no other responsibility for his statements other than that pseudonym, why should he care weather his words offend or hurt people? He bears no responsibility toward them. If it’s a father or son who is saying them, it doesn’t matter because it’s a few digits on a computer screen.

I have also asked that the paper monitor their comments more closely, as the “deleted after 3-5 minutes” time period reference in Bart’s post is 3-5 minutes too long. Family members of victims could very well have seen it in that time. I wrote a few weeks back about a man who had finished mowing his grass on the West Bank and was electrocuted leaning against a metal building. Many of the comments following the story on made references to it being a “shocking” story in callous references to the man’s death. Did the comments vanish after 3 – 5 minutes? Nope. They are still up there three weeks later.

I’m not sure how the big papers are going to go about doing it but if they wish to maintain their integrity and standards, something papers have over many (but certainly not all) blogs, then they need to find a way to become something more than an avenue for anonymnous racists to burn crosses on before the new millennium’s white sheets become user names like GrandDragon65 or xpureBreed72x. I suppose I have a lot of problems with, but their providing racists with an avenue to spread hatred is probably my biggest.

Perhaps all comments should be made through audio or video? Perhaps people should pay $5 a year for accounts and include a profile page with their picture?

gumbo k-ville

…I think we suck! Man, there’s not much to be happy about regarding the Saints abysmal 0-2 start. The defense looks awful and the offense isn’t much better.

A few things…

Buried trophies need to be dug up to remind them how good they are.
They buried the trophies this summer to show that last year was in the past. Unfortunately, the Saints now believe they are the 2005 Saints.

Joe Horn – leadership?
How much leadership did the receiving corps (or offense in general) lose by letting Horn go to Atlanta?

Carney V. Mare
No comment necessary. Orlando Mare missed more field goals in two games this year than Carney did ALL of 2006.

Bring in LSU defense.
I’m kidding but…

Use Deuce and Karney.
The only time it looked like the offense was firing on all cylinders (when the game actually mattered) was when #26 and #44 were busting it up.

The road ahead…
Unless some serious changes are made in the scondary, expect Steve Smith to eat us alive on Oct. 27 when carolina comes to town.