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I know that’s been my response a lot lately but sometimes certain lines just jump right out at you.

Wearing a sparkling white ensemble and sunglasses, Richard arrived on stage via wheelchair; handlers lifted him onto a pillow atop his piano bench. Richard noted that he “had a heart attack when they were taking me to get a new hip.”

So, from Kieth Spera’s point of view, the concert was a bit of a train wreck?

Poorly attended Domino Effect still had its charms, and a Fats cameo.

I have only been listening for a few moments and have already heard about some guns in the Iberville projects and some grandma trying to visit her grandson who she has custody of on Tuesdays and Thursdays…

LIVE New Orleans Police – NOPD – Scanner

A rendition of “Stand By Me” featuring some of our local talent…

House committee agrees to ban smoking in bars and casinos

Even though I haven’t smoked for many years, I used to be on the smokers’ side in these debates. I used to think, “Well, we are in a bar. We expect it to be smoky right?” Yea, those were the days.

I finally had a change of heart when I realized the smokers really don’t give a damn about non-smokers. They say they do but there have been tons of times when my smoking fellow bar patron would let their smoke drift into my face hour after hour, night after night. Some folks may be nice enough to go outside but many more don’t. It’s not so much my health I’m concerned about as my comfort. And hey, there are a thousand different reasons one can be uncomfortable in a bar right? But here’s one that has legislation behind it! And since the smokers never seemed to care about me when I was undecided, why not throw my support to the other side? They really seem to want it and the smokers could care less.

And I have to tell ya, nothing pleased me more than seeing groups of smokers huddled outside San Diego bars in the cold and rain sucking their little cancer sticks. Pathetic! Not only were they killing themselves but they were ostracized too! Poor saps! Suck down the carcinogens suckers! Be sure to bring your umbrella! And another $5 in case you run out of smokes!

Of course I also happened to be up in Ohio recently when their smoking ban was going into effect. It was awesome hearing them threaten to boycott bars as a reaction to the laws. Oh, lawd! What will we ever do without that portion of that portion of clientele! You get ‘em smokers! Fight for your rights as smokers! Stay home and smoke! That will show ‘em.

…why did you choose crime cameras Ray? Couldn’t you have gotten away with it easier if it was something that didn’t have to do with crime, a subject that effects so many and inspires such passion from the people?

Perhaps some sort of property or contracting scheme? Oh. right you had a few of those too.

But you should have left the anything having to do with crime free of your insipid hands. Because it’s something folks will quite likely pay attention to. They poke around and look into something like that. Especially after you tell an angry crowd of 5000 citizens that they are going to be an intricate part of your crime-fighting focus. People tend to get angrier after being promised something that ended up shrouded in questionable dealings.

And it amazes me that, when you knew you were meddling in the affairs of criminal justice and people’s lives were at stake, it may have been prudent for you to at least ensure the cameras worked. It certainly would have increased your chances of getting away with it. Because it wouldn’t have incited so many people to call attention to it. They may have let it slide if some high profile results had been rendered by your scam. Citizens are easily pleased like that.

My neighbor across the street often compares you to Marc Morial and compares and contrasts the corruption of you both. Essentially he marvels at the lack of thought put into the current administrations shadiness when compared to the previous. Trying to funnel money through crime cameras seems like an amateur move. More than a rookie mistake, it’s a fundamental lack of understanding or perhaps even an amazing act of bravado and arrogance. What were you thinking Ray?

Don’t worry everyone. When things get bad, just think…

We aren’t Cleveland

And they aren’t Detroit…

Here’s what I can recall off the top of my head about Geek Dinner iv. This will show my ineptitude at placing names and events in anything more than an abstract nature.

- There was a cake with a photo of Karl Rove on it. (This isn’t my original joke it was I think G-Bitch’s)

- There was a sleeping Dangerblond in a chair with pretty good posture. Revelers continued unabated.

- Jeffrey and Menkles told stories of Paris.

- There was some awesome shrimp and grits and I knew at the time who made them but have since forgotten. Hypnotisim could certainly help me remember.

- Patrick told stories of RSD and U of G.

- I brought a bottle of Jimmy Beam and never saw it again.

- There was copious amounts of Schlitz.

- The ginger was in full bloom.

- Again, there was trouble placing who the swimming ’80s celebrities in Danger’s bathroom were.

- It was determined that Jeffrey has huge arms. Presumably from lifting books?

- Peter was described by Lisa’s son as being “jolly” one time at Croissant Dior and this confounds me. Pastries must be the secret ingredient to his happiness.

- Go to Fahey’s with Jeffrey and Menckles at your own risk.

- After starting early that day and then just plowing through till morning I had the type of hangover that has not reared its ugly head since the ’90s.

… did Abita Brewing switch to pop tops over twisties? ‘Cause it’s messin with my head.