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What’s funny is that this is from 1975 and much of what is discussed is still the same…

D. Nick: Fireman, Family Man, Artists’ Chairman

Particularly this paragraph…

Richard “Dick” Nick has to explain to artists such things as why they cannot hang their paintings over the storefront windows of the Pontalba Buildings, or why they should not stand swearing in front of the St. Louis Cathedral. Once he had to persuade an artist not to pound nails into the side of the Cabildo. “It’s two hundred years old,” he protested. ”So what? I’m only going to be here two months,” replied the artist. Jackson Square artists are two hundred individualists whom the city often looks upon as one. When one artist creates a problem, the bureaucracy goes into action and punishes all two hundred. It is up to Dick Nick and the Committee to protect the rights and privileges of the group.

That this guy…

Bears fan falls to death at Soldier Field

was one of these guys…

If it wasn’t, condolences to his family and friends.

Yes I am still pissed off about that bullshit.

Saw The Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans the other night on Netflix streaming. I watch all New Orleans based movies out of obligation and this one was about as good as all the rest. There was this one great scene though…

Jenkins saves day (season?) for Saints

And that he would be a dingleberry named Pat Yasinskas.

It would have put the Saints two games behind the Atlanta Falcons in the NFC South race and started a downward spiral for a team that’s been inconsistent all season.

That’s right. Pat Yasinkas: Foreseer of downward spirals.

But really. Let’s say the Saints did lose. Then Atalanta would only have to lose at Green Bay Sunday and to the Saints at home for the division to be tied. I mean, where do they find these guys? I’m glad there are bloggers out there so we aren’t forced to rely on ESPN dipshits like this.

Hey Mickey Loomis! Give Left Eye more money!

Left Eye’s one handed catch against the Seahawks…

Watch Left Eye penetrate the Dirty Birds on this punt return…

When Brees gets picked, Left Eye tackles fools…

I was looking through the news to see if Garret Hartley had been released yet and found this dickish quote by Scott Fujita…

“Last December when I was with New Orleans, our fat punk kicker, Garrett Hartley, missed a game-winner and we lost for the second week in a row — that was one of the times you want to grab a guy and tell him to [bug] off,” Fujita said. “But Hartley was young, and I didn’t want to mess him up for good, so I just bit my lip and said, ‘Hey, man, don’t worry about it — it was a team loss,’ which of course was a total lie.”

NFC South: Garrett Hartley’s Kicking Woes Continue in Saints Win over Seattle

My support for Hartley waning as it is, it’s still interesting to note Fujita blaming the kicker when I seem to recall a squandered 17-point lead, a 14-point 4th quarter for Tampa Bay, 129 yards rushing for Caddy Williams and a winning drive in overtime.

I have to get up at the bullshit hour of 4 a.m. to reserve my place at St. Ann and Decatur on Jackson Square every Saturday. Which means for the most part my presence on Friday nights is pretty scarce. There is not a lot going on at that hour but some nights, As I make my way through Algiers, I see this mythic beast making its timely way up the river, spouting smoke and illuminating the night.

It crap that I have to be up that hour but it’s only one day a week and the gig is pretty sweet otherwise.

Behold the beauty of the finished Huey P! In this glorious animation!

I posted on Twitter the other day that local headlines make Kenner out to be the most dangerous place to live in GNO. So then I read a headline about a fleeing shoplifting subject who drowned in a canal and thought, “I wonder if that happened in Kenner? Well…
LA suspected criminal drowns

A New Orleans internet comedian was shot last night and almost instantly, photos of his body were taken and trended all over Twitter. Social networking is as much to blame as the camera or the gun. Ultimately it is the fault of the callous individual who, at the critical moment made an awful decision and the countless others who abetted it. As we used to say at La Jolla Light, this story has legs.Cliff has more.

Messy Mya, YouTube Comedian, Shot To Death In New Orleans

I had a few from the Alabama coast last night and they were salty and delicious.
La. oyster season opens Monday, but on small scale

‘Who Dat’ trademark fight is back

It’s funny that earlier in the year when the big bad NFL was trying to enforce it’s copyright (which it was lawfully entitled to do) everyone was all pissed and screaming “ahhh, you can’t take our heritage from us!” and “Nobody owns Who Dat! Ahhhh…it belongs to the city of NEEEW Orleans!”

And then David Vitter was all like [stupid Vitter voice]I was stunned to learn recently that the NFL is taking the position that it owns the exclusive trademark of the term “Who Dat” and has even threatened legal action against some mom-and-pop merchants selling t-shirts using the term. [/stupid Vitter voice]

And then the NFL decided it wasn’t worth it and everyone was all like, “We showed them!”

Now the same moms and pops and even the Saints themselves are being sued by some fellas who very well seem to be the rightful owners of the phrase.

I wonder who the hell everyone is going to get pissed at now? I mean shit, it was easy to finger the NFL back in January. I mean they are a big mean nasty corporation trying to protect their product. They were clearly wrong no matter what the law said right? The mom and pop shops had everyone’s support then. What about now.

Nobody owns Who Dat eh? Riiiiight.

Seriously. It’s time to say “Screw Dat.” It is mostly used obnoxiously these days. I just say “Geaux Saints” when I am looking to commiserate with a fellow fan anyway. I can’t tell you how many times drunk bastards in the Quarter, alone, toothless and looking for friends would holler it at me even though the Super Bowl was over months before. They weren’t doing it as a show of team spirit.