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Well, I do curse at the tourists though it’s more self-righteous, insulting cursing rather than “vicious.” Even though I know it violates Rule #3 under Ethical Conduct on The Noble Eightfold Path.

Would totally put a mummified cat in a piece…if I only had a mummified cat.

There are stories of him trashing art galleries and studios. Handcuffing a woman to his stove. Sticking a mummified cat in one of his works. Going on lithium and alcohol binges that left him a wreck. Cursing at tourists viciously. Sitting in streets with his muddy tennis shoes and rumpled clothing, looking like a bum. Drawing on napkins, grocery bags and just about anything else he liked. Sitting in bars, drinking and trying to get women to go to bed with him.

Noel Rockmore, ‘Picasso of New Orleans,’ revisited

Great AP article. In a related note, in the same position on yesterday was a story about a Connecticut house fire.

I could have spent more time with the seams but…


Credit for original image goes to Times-Pic photographer Mathew Hinton and I will certainly cease and desist if they want me too.

For some reason, when watching this…

I couldn’t help but think of this…

Help me! Help me! The linebackers are chasing me! They almost got me! They almost got me. Gott a score! Ima leap! Ima leap! Touchdown! Time to dunk!