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I hate to just post one link without even a bit of commentary but, please, everyone, go read this. Read it.

The Acura stage gets a bad rap and, granted, most of it is deserved. It’s like the Wild, Wild West over there quite often and conventional wisdom is to avoid it. However, if I followed conventional wisdom yesterday I would have missed some very unique and memorable Jazzfest moments.

Even though I was considering not going at all this year due to high ticket prices and a general state of being broke (this is an argument I’ll indulge in the comments if anyone wants to address it), I was given a set of tix at the last minute (thanks Chick w/ Sticks) and got into the spirit of things accordingly.

First things first, they have some of the best folk artists in the country this year. Of particular note were Bryan Cunningham, Woody Jones and Dolan Geiman. Some critique could be made that they should focus on local artists but, as a local, I prefer the out of towners because I see the locals all the time. Of course local artists stand to make a ton of money and get much more exposure through a booth at Jazzfest also. Either way, I enjoyed the artists they chose. They really folked it up. Amen.

We dawdled for a while then made our way to the Acura stage and put up with a fair share of bumping and pushing as Allison Krause, Robert Plant and T-Bone Burnett took the stage. They started slow and haunting and built throughout the set. Krause’s voice and skills on the fiddle were amazing. Robert Plant was gracious both to her and New Orleans. It was a tremendous show.

With heaping doses of respect to Robert Plant, Allison Krause’s voice was above and beyond the show’s crown jewel. Even though the Acura stage can be distracting, Krauss cut it like Ashley Morris in his college band. She also sung Robert Plant better than Robert Plant. What would have been truly transcendental would have been a cover of Immigrant song with Krauss playing the lead guitar part on the fiddle. However, I can see how that might have been a bit cliched as Immigrant is one of the most cliched songs in rock. It does rock like fuck though.

Great moments of this show were Krauss singing her version of “Down to the River” and the version of “Battle of Evermore” a short clip of which exists here.

After that show we made our way over to Congo Square and immersed ourselves in its mellow atmosphere. Much love to Congo Square. The people are always cool and its a great spot to just spread out a blanket and worship. Worship the sun. Worship the band. Worship the culture. Just worship.

After a an hour or so listening to Burning Spear, we made our way back to the Acura stage because, and here is my confession, I have always had a thing for Sheryl Crow. Yes, I know she can often delve into pop schmaltz. Yes, I know there is some controversy surround her breakout album Tuesday Night Music Club. But, she earned her chops singing back up for years. She seems like a helluva woman to drink a beer with. She plays the guitar and sings. And she’s got a great sound and even a nice ass. So, I had to catch her. My dad has a thing for Cher. I have a thing for Crow.

Since we arrived late, getting close was not an option. So we spread out a blanket and just sat in the back, checked her out through binoculars (yes, I bring them) and watched the screens. We caught a few songs and then she said goodnight. I never thought there were encores at the Jazzfest so I began to leave. Romy stopped me and suggested there might be an encore. So we moved up front and stopped pretty close to the stage after all the campers, exhausted from fighting for their spot all day, cleared out.

Sure thing, Crow came out for one more song, an awesome cover of “Rock ‘n’ Roll” that got the crowd really fired up. She said it was a tribute to Plant and, to be honest, his presence on stage the act before had the whole crowd in a general Zeppelin state of mind so they effin loved it. I loved it. It was a great Jazzfest moment. Everybody was hollerin’ “Oooooh yea! Oooo-oooo yea!” all the way out. Both Crow and Krauss really belted out the Zepplin vocals causing me to wonder if Plant’s vocals are generally fit to a woman’s voice.

Anyway, a couple great shows. I’m very glad it was not forsook. I am grateful and a better person for it. Praise Fess.

Pics here.

I was waiting by the ferry to pick up Romy the other night and, after listening to Nina Simone scold some members of the audience for talking too loud, when I saw one of these traipse through the parking lot.

I am guessing it moved into the neighborhood while the river is high. But it still gave me that funny feeling one gets when they observes something seemingly secret.

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God broke the levees…
Hagee Says Hurricane Katrina Struck New Orleans Because It Was ‘Planning A Sinful’ ‘Homosexual Rally’
Think Progress

No really, God punished New Orleans…
The god That Failed New Orleans
Men’s News Daily

The Feds should rebuild the levees…
Who should pay to protect New Orleans?
LA Times

It’s okay because the tourists are back…
New Orleans begins to shake off legacy of Katrina

Following the link below are short summations of article comments. For instance, if the comment is a long rant against black folks it will be abbreviated to “racist rant.” If the comment is how the subject of the story is a sure sign that New Orleans is Hell on Earth, it will be abbreviated to “End is Nigh.” Ready?

Story: 9th Ward murder is 8th killing in a week


1. Anger toward media (Web site)
2. Anger toward education (local)
3. Anger toward commenter (1)
4. Neighborhood criticism (9th Ward)
5. Anger toward commenter (1)
6. Anger toward government (local)
7. Indifference to victim
8. Sarcasm / anger toward neighborhood (9th Ward)
9. Anger toward neighborhood
10. Anger at (black) leadership
11. Confusion
12. Confusion
13. Sarcasm
14. Declarative
15. Indifference to victim
16. Indifference to victim
17. Indifference to victim
18. Anger toward government (local)

Via posts by Jeffrey and Dambala and a little research on my own, I have gazed into the future and seen the face of our next Mayor…

It’s the accent really.

A few more viddies showing the current current.

Also, more pics…

Freighter maneuvers the Point.
High water mark
Sunken steps
Keepin’ an eye on it
Crazy bridge/sun/rainbow/contrail

Not sure it’s real. K, prolly not. Okay, officially fake.

Chris Rose on Ashley…

Tribute to Ashley Morris the blogger next door

I read many more touching tributes to the Big Saint AshMo over the last week or so but I appreciate the sentiment. I just wish he would have left out the part about being found dead in a hotel room. Makes him sound like some wrestler and not a father of three getting his departed mother’s affairs in order. Your average reader isn’t going to think critically about that.

But thanks for recognizing Dr. Morris Chris.

Also, I guess “douchebag” is fine by the standards and practices of the Times-Picayune. I’d love to see more of its application in the Op-Ed pages.

Best line: “I had left the Drudge Report and Perez Hilton behind forever”