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I predict since there has been a Swine Flu death in Houston, there will be an article about it on and a commenter will say that it is heading this way and either another commenter or that same one will say something about how it hopefully take care of all the “thugs” in the city. Or perhaps the crooked politicians.

My torchy jazz chanteuse fiancee Romy Kaye will be singing at Mimi’s in Marigny tonight with Sasha Masakowski and Miss Sophie Lee.

Show starts at 9 p.m.!

Not an original artistic concept but often effective.


Jolie Holland’s Lower 9 song with the great line, “I’ll dance at your funeral if you dance at mine.”

This majestic thing…

…will soon be seen by me.

I’ve been watching all the crime camera / Hawaii trip stuff with interest but not intrigue. My lack of enthusiasm partly springs from the fact that a lot of it has been tossed around the blogosphere now for many months and combined with what can be heard from am radio and plain old scuttlebutt, it’s nothing grandiose to read the same stuff in the newspaper.

But there is another element that adds to the lack of intrigue. It’s what I am realizing may be some sort of “sophomore” stage of New Orleans cultural immersion. That is, I have a “wake me when he’s indicted / arrested” approach to the whole thing. And this is combined with some, “there is nothing we can do until 2010,” syncopation.

I understand that recent developments make this incoming indictment seem like a foregone conclusion to some but there are tons of ways the Nagin Administration could wiggle out of it. Hey, there’s one right there.

I remember folks thinking the phantom Morial indictment was a foregone conclusion even saying approximately when it would come down. But it never did.

So don’t be surprised if this thing never happens at all and if it does, it might be after it is too late to do any immediate good.

Either way, we are on cruise control until 2010 regardless. All the screaming and hating and cussing won’t help. The Mayor is coasting and has said several times he may leave politics altogether. So with no political future to protect, the only thing Nagin can reasonably work toward is staying out of jail. And he’s probably putting 110 % into that.

But it’s like my contractor friend across the street says, “You put as much work and energy into doing the job right as you do trying to fix your mistakes after doing it wrong.” So imagine a world Sugar Ray had established a reputation for himself as a visionary who steered a culturally-rich-but-troubled city in a new direction and united different cultures under the same banner of civic improvement. A tall order I’ll admit, but with the effort and worry and anguish Nagin has endured trying to fix his mistakes (or actually, cover them up), he could have at least looked like he was approaching such a distinction and he could be considering a more lengthy career in politics and public service instead of trying to get out of it altogether. And yes Ray, there would be some money in that as well.

(Just realized that previous version had pathetic grammar. Somewhat fixed now.) – V

Last I heard Ken’s condition was improving. He has regained consciousness several times. Can see. Can hear. Is off blood pressure medication intended to keep brain swelling down. Probably has along way to go.

I know Ken and he is truly a man who rewards you with his kindness. He’s got a great big smile for everyone. He has a wife and two young children. There should be a way to contribute next weekend at French Quarter Fest. Probably pieces of art donated to the cause by other Jackson Square Artists.

On the morning of April 10th there was a horrible tragedy in Jackson Square.
One of the artists there, Gang Hu (known to all as Kenny) was attacked and
beaten badly as he was setting up for a day of work.
Many of you know him, a really sweet, talented portrait and caricature
artist that is always ready with a smile and well wishes. The front and
back of his head were beaten in and he was rushed to the hospital where he
has had surgery. The last I heard he was in ICU. He is not conscious and
they won’t be able to tell much for a few days until the swelling goes down.

The police who were called to the scene made ridiculous comments about the
character of the victim, stating he was drunk and probably his fault. This
is an outrage. They did not conduct any sort of investigation as far as I
heard they did not even classify it as a crime scene. When another local
artist insisted that he did not drink and that they should investigate, he
was told he would be arrested if he said anything else!

This artist is a dutiful husband with two small children at home, a dear man
who gives everything he can to help those in need even when he has so little
himself. Jackson Square artists are considered a huge draw for New Orleans
tourists and they should have more support and protection from NOPD. We pay
taxes to the city as well as license and permit fees to set up there. We
should have the right to protection as citizens and as workers at one of the
city’s top tourist attractions.

We are organizing to raise funds to help pay for his medical costs and to
get NOPD to provide patrol for artists in the morning. Please support this
cause, run a story, tell your friends, post to your social networks and do
all you can to help this wonderful person and his family recover from this


peeled Crawfish from recent berl
sausage, garlic, onions, potato, corn on the cob
grated cheddar cheese
large flour tortillas


- Place crawfish, onions, potatoes, garlic and corn (cut from cob with kitchen knife) in bowl and microwave for 60 seconds.

- Remove from microwave and sprinkle with grated cheese.

- Place back in microwave for 60 seconds or until cheese is melted.

- Heat tortillas on stove top burner until warm and slightly brown in certain spots.

- Place contents of bowl in tortillas, roll and serve.

Just in case anyone was wondering, the gentleman who (allegedly) perpetrated this act is not related to me…

Metairie man says stranger chewed, swallowed after taking bite out of his arm

A Metairie resident is recovering after a stranger bit a chunk of flesh out of his arm and swallowed it Saturday afternoon.

Joseph Lancellotti, 67, told authorities he did not know the suspect, later identified as Mario Vargas, 48, or why he was attacked in his front yard.

Lancellotti was gardening at his home in the 4400 block of Kawanee Avenue about 2 p.m. when he noticed a man walking toward his house, shouting angrily, the report said. Lancellotti said he couldn’t understand the man because he was yelling in Spanish. But when the man got within two feet, he slugged Lancellotti in the head, the report said.

Lancellotti said he tried to defend himself with a garden rake. As the men struggled over the rake, the stranger bent over and bit Lancellotti on his right forearm, the report said. Lancellotti’s flesh ripped away as he fell to the ground. The man then got on top of Lancellotti and began choking him, the report said.

It’s enough for the ubiquitous WTF category.