I predict since there has been a Swine Flu death in Houston, there will be an article about it on Nola.com and a commenter will say that it is heading this way and either another commenter or that same one will say something about how it hopefully take care of all the “thugs” in the city. Or perhaps the crooked politicians.

5 Responses to “Without Looking”
  1. celcus says:

    First you’ll have to get through all the comments about the dirty Mexicans and how we should close the border and shoot any that try to cross.

  2. Varg says:

    Those quick fix methods always entertain me. They are generally followed by some statement that suggests everyone just doesn’t get it. Like, “It’s THAT simple people!”

  3. Jonas Deffes says:

    Everyone is always acting after the fact, usually ineffectively.

    The best ways to prevent colds and flu are:
    -hand cleansing
    -Cover your nose and mouth with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
    -Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
    -avoid close contact with people that appear ill.

    Jonas Deffes – Nola Fitness Trainer

  4. D-BB says:

    Creepy, like you are in my head.

  5. Jill Guidry says:

    pass the jar of cracklins!

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