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(Communications lost, 1630, 2/9/2010)

1. Either in two days or a month and two days we will elect a mayor not named Ray Nagin (or John Georges).

2. Citizen journalism er, blogging er, social media er, regular folks with keyboards are showing the power of truth over influence.

3. By Spring, Warren Riley will no longer be our police chief.

4. The Saints are going to win the Super Bowl.

5. It’s Carnival time.

Also, some lagniappe… this.

My wife and I just received a letter from State Representative Jeff Arnold defending the integrity of his father Tom, who is running for District C Councilperson. He makes reference to mailers and signs one of his opponents is putting out and states, “you may have even seen stickers they have attached to our yard signs that attack the integrity of my family.”

I can assume the stickers he is talking about are the same ones a neighbor described seeing that simply say, “adulterer.” They go on to say they have never engaged in any negative campaigning or slander and never will.

Using bumper stickers to call an opponent an adulterer is dirty and this letter is a good way for the Arnolds to show they are above such tactics. Arnold says his opponents are responsible for the tactics. I have e-mails out to r Nathaniel Jones and Kristin Gisleson Palmer looking for responses.

Also, at the bottom of the letter he writes, “Finally, GEAUX SAINTS and WHO DAT belong to US the WHO DAT Nation and not the NFL!

UPDATE: Kristen Palmer writes, “Recently, it has come to my attention that someone has been vandalizing my opponents’ signs. I know that it is not a supporter or anyone connected to our campaign, however, I ask you to be vigilant and report anyone you see vandalizing campaign materials. Destroying or defacing materials connected to our democratic election process is a threat to each of us. We will win this election and we will do so with a campaign that is positive and focused on improving the quality of life in District C.”

I cringe whenever I see the Saints referred to as a “team of destiny.” Destiny infers there is some divine intervention effecting play. Washington’s Shuisam’s kick aside, the Saints have reached the Super Bowl on skill rather than with help from karma, the Universe, Crom or Jobu.

The team is good. The defense is good. The offense is the best in the NFL. There is a stigma of mediocrity that has been attached to the franchise for the last 40+ years, but the team, this team, is just good. What is concerning about the team of destiny thing is the notion that the gods are just going to allow the team to win. They can certainly beat the Colts in spite of what just about everyone is saying. I will add that many of these columnists and reporters were predicting the Colts would not get past the Ravens a few weeks back.

The Saints are on their own in Miami. No Dome. Less crowd. Millions awaiting their return. But most importantly, the spirits won’t help them win. They have to do it on their own.

… of last week was the death of St. Bernard resident Donald Bordelon, who died of a heart attack in his rebuilt home.

A Farewell To Donald Bordelon, Katrina Survivor

Bordelon was a frequent subject of NPR stories. When you hear him speak in them there is no questioning he is from The Parish.

I hope one day some sort of record can be made, if not academically then artistically, of all these lingering victims of Katrina.