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Hello Hubig Pies!

My name is Lance Vargas and I have a blog online called “The Chicory.” There has been a bit of discussion on the Web recently about the appearance of a Hubig Pie in the first episode of HBO’s Treme. Some say that pies weren’t being made at this time and therefore wouldn’t have been available. Others say the pie could have still been around since before the storm.

I decided to go straight to the source. If you good folks could answer these it would clear everything up and we on the Internet could go on to argue about other stuff.

1. Were any Hubig’s Pies being sold in New Orleans in December of 2005? Including either freshly made pies or perhaps ones that had been in store’s inventory since August of 2005?

2. When did Hubig’s pies start being made after the flood?

2. What is the shelf life of a Hubig pie?

3. Could a stale Hubig pie be made fresher by heating it up in a microwave and perhaps touched up witha syrup or sauce?

Thanks guys! Keep making great pies!

Lance Vargas
The Chicory


Hey Lance,

Thanks for your interest! To answer your questions briefly: we buy back any pie that’s still on the market 9 days after it’s made, and we didn’t resume making pies until January or February of 2006–so any pies that might have been available three months after Hurricane Katrina would certainly have been loooong expired!

We never endorse eating a pie that’s expired. A lot of customers do like to microwave pies, no matter how fresh (a few seconds will do it).

As for syrups and sauces, I’m not personally familiar with the use of any such enhancements on a Hubig’s. After the “drizzle something on it!” episode, I did post a poll on our Facebook page asking what folks might like to drizzle on their pies; we got some intriguing suggestions, but also many comments to the effect that a Hubig’s pie needs no embellishment!

Martin at Hubig’s

Most people probably recognized Anwan Glover from The Wire when he appeared on Treme as the OPP inmate who took Daymo “under my wing.” But since I just started The Wire season three in Cox OnDemand, I actually recognized Slim Charles in The Wire from Treme.

Either way, he’s got a pretty amazing screen presence. I said as much to Romy after his episode ended. I would try and describe his voice but the writer of this Q&A does it for me, “deep and rough, battle-worn.” The voice goes with the acting. I couldn’t help but worry about Daymo after his encounter.

It’s unlikely he will be a regular character on Treme. I’m not sure I even want to see his character again actually. ‘Cause that MFer was SCARY. Credit that to the actor. It would be cool to see Anwar Glover again.