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Greg Meffert took Mayor Nagin and his family on a trip to Hawaii in 2004

I took the liberty of adding bubbles to’s front page images…


I wonder what global crisis is about to unfold while the monkeys at CNN are busy posting these headlines? I realize lambasting CNN is like picking on the slow kid is class but still. it’s one of the most widely-viewed media outlets, you think they could you know, make a little effort.

Anyway, check their “news.” Links not included, no one should read that stuff.

“Obama does little dance for Ted Kennedy”

“Flight attendant raps, passengers clap”

“Tot mom’s brother isn’t Caylee’s dad”

“Woman on horse shops at Target”

“Old ladies fight over 72-year-old guy”

“Dog walker ‘met man from another planet’ ”

“Kim Kardashian on cellulite: ‘So what!’ “

The Jazzfest cubes were posted on today and I was puzzled by the way the site tried to pair-up some of the offerings. Not sure how Kermit and Tony Bennett go together. Jakob Dylan and Emmylou make more sense and Marcia Ball and Bonnie Raitt is perfect. The big head scratcher is Dr. John and Bon Jovi? Am I missing something?

Notable acts performing back to back this year include Dr. John followed by Bon Jovi, New Orleans Swing King Kermit Ruffins followed by Tony Bennett, Jacob Dylan followed by Emmylou Harris, Marcia Ball followed by Bonnie Raitt, a funky first Saturday with Big Sam, Ivan Neville and Galactic and Allen Toussaint, Neil Young and the Nevilles closing out the final Sunday of Jazz Fest.

Mayor tells station he won’t discipline Veronica White in e-mail scandal

Even though the photo’s cutline reads…

Mayor Ray Nagin, pictured here with Veronica White in Feb., told a local TV station Thursday that he can’t find any reason to discipline or fire the embattled sanitation director.

Perhaps it should read…

Mayor Ray Nagin is reminded with an icy stare from embattled sanitation director Veronica White that she can and will cut his balls off.

Bye-bye pretty green, color of money, locally-owned Hibernia card relic …

Hello cold, steely, frigid Capital One card…

Mayor Says He’s Not Part Of (E-Maelstrom) Probe

Wow, that certainly is brief but I don’t agree when they say terse. He’s sort of got a “nothing to see here” grin on his face.

Later in last night’s broadcast version of this story, they chased Veronica White around Poydras street but couldn’t get a comment. I’m still looking for that part online…wait, hold on, NEEEEEEEERRRDS!

Seattle P-I to publish last edition Tuesday

…and word is the Seattle Times is not far behind. The failure of the Times print edition would leave Seattle without a major daily paper.

What is interesting is how many resources the P-I can put into their Web site. Eliminating delivery and paper and ink frees up an immense portion of the paper’s…ahem, news organization’s budget. What they could do is enlist a ton of bloggers to comment on neighborhoods. Retain their reporters and editors to coordinate Web content spend more time doing investigative journalism and pursuing leads. They might also use their new format to hire some flash animators and a few filmmakers to perhaps garner some more advertising dollars with short, ten-second commercials.

The collapse of their print edition is indeed an unfortunate thing but they may also be in a unique position to show how well a major paper can make the paperless transition. And Seattle seems like a great city to try it out.

I was looking through my Fat Tuesday photos and saw this one taken late in the day / early in the night at a point when I was mostly intoxicated and quite spirited. It is a case when an instrument perfectly captures the state of its operator…

TSA to look into alleged Vitter airport incident

I have always loved when “Do you know who I am” is utilized when folks who are used to leading a life of exceptions run into some situation in which the exceptions run out. Predictably, it has been uttered by a few local servants in the last few years and that makes sense.

But DYKWIA (pronounced Dick-Wia)also leaves the interviewee with golden opportunities to say something like, “Aren’t you the Senator who cheated on his wife with (at least one) prostitute?”

The possibilities are endless.

I don’t want to get into how this sense of entitlement by elected officials are an avatar for our failing political system. It does however show another example of Vitty’s sense that the rules don’t apply to him. Remember when he ran over that stop sign?

Some things that would stimulate my economy…

- Increase of salvaged wood folk art sales.

- A two percent interest loan for $20,000.

- A settlement on my 9 year old student loans.

- Walking away from my credit card debt.

- An increase in people needing Web sites.

- The right six numbers.

- A check for $3,333 ( my portion of the bailout).