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I posted on Twitter the other day that local headlines make Kenner out to be the most dangerous place to live in GNO. So then I read a headline about a fleeing shoplifting subject who drowned in a canal and thought, “I wonder if that happened in Kenner? Well…
LA suspected criminal drowns

A New Orleans internet comedian was shot last night and almost instantly, photos of his body were taken and trended all over Twitter. Social networking is as much to blame as the camera or the gun. Ultimately it is the fault of the callous individual who, at the critical moment made an awful decision and the countless others who abetted it. As we used to say at La Jolla Light, this story has legs.Cliff has more.

Messy Mya, YouTube Comedian, Shot To Death In New Orleans

I had a few from the Alabama coast last night and they were salty and delicious.
La. oyster season opens Monday, but on small scale

“Today in Detroit Public Schools, all students will get free breakfast and lunch. Also, Radio One will raffle off a 42-inch plasma flat screen television, laptop computer, five iPod nanos and 25 American Express gift cards.” Dang, at least we’re not Detroit…
Districts counting on count day as enrollment continues to dwindle
Freep is constantly putting a link up on their homicide stories that says “View All New Orleans Homicides.” Except the link goes to 2008 homicides and here we are most of the way through 2009.
22-year-old murder defendant freed by Orleans Parish jury trial

Barkers getting bit. And that’s fine but really, what about the shoeshine scammers? Also, it’s always the kids screwing it up for everyone.
Bourbon Street may lose its bark

I can hear them now, “Even their football team is crooked!” And am I to understand Houser was either kept on because he was chummy with brass or let go because he suddenly wasn’t?
More than two dozen with ties to the New Orleans Saints invested in movie studio deal.

“For instance, all that remains of New Orleans would probably be the French Quarter and the airport.” This is convenient because that is all many people think exists right now.
Will much of New Orleans be underwater by 2100?
The Christian Science Monitor

MRGO Web site launched.
MRGO Ecosystem Restoration Plan Feasibility Study

I have only been listening for a few moments and have already heard about some guns in the Iberville projects and some grandma trying to visit her grandson who she has custody of on Tuesdays and Thursdays…

LIVE New Orleans Police – NOPD – Scanner

Found this Modern Marvels Engineering Disasters episode in might Netflix Queue. What’s up with that “should we rebuild” shit?
Modern Marvels: Engineering Disasters: New Orleans

There is also a show on the National Geographic Channel that is described as, “NGC roams the halls with students as they tell their unvarnished accounts of high school life. Through student video diaries and personal accounts, NGC offers an exclusive glimpse into this gritty young world.”
Inside New Orleans High

Speaking of Netflix, if you have a penchant for ’70s Blaxploitation check this New Orleans-based horror flick trailer on YouTube and add it to your queue…
JD’S Revenge Trailer Blaxploitation

I recall after the storm there was some consideration to turning this lot into a Fema trailer park that some NIMBYs in the neighborhood were against. My finacee wants it to be a Trader Joe’s. According to this article in may perhaps be an movie lot.
Algiers film center proposed.

Black New Orleans voters got what they wanted with Obama, will sit out race for Congress. Well, one of them anyway.
In New Orleans, beyond black and white politics
LA Times

“Housing advocates say the program’s failure has contributed to a 40-percent spike in rents citywide. That has forced the federal government to pour even more Band-Aid relief into the recovery, including a $28-million-a-month Disaster Housing Assistance Program that helps 31,000 families pay the inflated rents.”
Rents up in New Orleans while $846m sits unclaimed

Mitt’s here! Helping out (Kaz’ zhoo).
Former GOP hopeful Romney in New Orleans

Video and article on the decay of the Port
Increased Decay Strains Budget-strapped New Orleans Port

Like there wasn’t enough going on that weekend.
World Cultural Economic Forum: A Louisiana Cultural Economy Initiative

“Been workin’s so hard, I’m shootin’ a car”
Woman charged with shooting at daughter’s ex-boyfriend

Why is McCain so popular in Venezuela?
If The World Could Vote
Three Guys From Iceland

Here’s hoping for a speedy and stress-free return to Middendorf’s on Lake Manchac. The fiancee and I would pop a good CD in and drive up the double nickel for Middendorf’s awesome BBQ ersters and thin-sliced catfish. Unfortunately, it seems it was the original building that received the brunt of the surge and that one had the more character and appeal with an emphasis on stained wood and driftwood fixtures.
Culinary catastrophes: Hurricane Ike wrecks popular restaurants

Now that’s a bowl of spaghetti that I like to see. However, impending New York apocalypse is imminent! Better build some levees around that reclaimed land in Lower Manhattan!
Invest 93

While it seems easy for some folks I talk to to dismiss a murder they may read about in the paper that is listed as “man gunned down in Lower 9″ or “teen shot in Central City,” the stories within are always so much more complicated. The vile comments suggest “another thug gone” but it’s simply a defense mechanism that allows them to feign some sort of street justice. The victim often gets the most blame. Many times, it’s nothing of the sort.
21 years later, a son seeks justice

Might join them? He MIGHT join them? Possibly might?
Dirty Coast brands its fans

Sid-Mars’ story (thanks Craig)
Sid-Mars of Bucktown

Don’t drink the water, there’s blood in the water…
Algiers residents and businesses question water quality

God broke the levees…
Hagee Says Hurricane Katrina Struck New Orleans Because It Was ‘Planning A Sinful’ ‘Homosexual Rally’
Think Progress

No really, God punished New Orleans…
The god That Failed New Orleans
Men’s News Daily

The Feds should rebuild the levees…
Who should pay to protect New Orleans?
LA Times

It’s okay because the tourists are back…
New Orleans begins to shake off legacy of Katrina