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In this blog’s ongoing documentation of the historical record on how our local media outlets were covering the decay of the Gulf and poisoning of our food supply and the unabated decay of coastal wetlands, and the erosion of the middle class in the last years of New Orleans before it all went down the tubes, for an answer to the future question that will inevitably be asked about what the media was doing in this grand congregation of media and access, I present, in the tradition of the two-legged dog, the African Antelope collision…

South African biker and antelope collide, helmet wins

Strangely, if you are following the “breadcrumbs” menu, it’s listed under “breaking metro traffic news.”

Son wanted for murder of father dies in suicide attempt

Dear WWL,

See, if it’s a suicide attempt, the person is lying in a hospital bed somewhere with stitched up wrists or having their stomach pumped or someone barges in and cuts them down in the midst of a hanging.

If none of these things happen and the person is actually able to commit suicide it no longer become an “attempt.” It’s then a standard suicide.

Later: Milt the managing editor must have stepped to the writer and took care of business. It’s fixed.

I had just got off the phone with Cox cancelling some services when I saw that Netflix was doing some shuffling, changing their billing that just about everyone else called raising fees. People are pissed.

I wouldn’t say I’m pissed as much as I am vexed at how dependent I have become on media in general. So I began to think about how much I spend on media a month and, as a household, it came out to more than half what I spent on my mortgage. And I don’t even have one of those smart phones. It’s as much as myself, Romy and Tulane University spend on healthcare for us.

I thought a little more about the value of money and considered whether I would half the square footage of my house just to keep my internet, phone and television. Certainly not. Would I give them up if it meant I could add another half to my home? Probably so considering I could keep my digital rabbit ears and get the public TV.

But in the end, I wouldn’t give up my Internet. The Internet is worth it. Cable TV? Fucking forget it! Way overpriced for me. About right for my mom and dad though. They watch that stuff.

Of course, my predicament is my fault, my tastes have become so weird as I have aged that I’m pretty damn far down the long tale. I recently watched this, this and this. Would Cox have been able to predict that?

Netflix, or more importantly Netflix and an internet conection is everything a weird bastard needs. I spent an insominiac’s hour on Google Earth the other night tooling around the Dalton Highway and looking at strange formations in the tundra (Hey Maitri, what caused this? and reading about little towns and their double digit populations along the way. It was like a little road trip.

Netflix is fantastic, it is far superior to what Cox offers with their pathetic DVR and InDemand services. Those are a joke and that was covered here.

Netflix streaming needs more titles but its vastness has made a spoiled little prick out of me. Even though I have more than a hundred hand-picked titles right out of my own long tail, now I cater what I want to watch to every little nuance of my mood, whether it’s day or night, whether I am up or a little down, am I reflective or unchallenged? Is it that boring Monday through Thursday stretch or the more carefree weekend? What season is it? As obsessive compulsive as it sounds, that’s what occurs when one lives in a country where most of their needs are filled. They have long tails in their long tails like fractals. People don’t have these problems in the third world and they don’t love it if they do.

I still think the streaming is a good deal and it caters to my need not to watch more movies/TV but to watch better movies/TV. That’s where Cox lost me. That’s where movie theaters lost me. That’s where radio lost me. They are wisely going after the thicker part of the long tail.

So long as the rates aren’t nearing the cost of housing or health care, they can get away with it. But it should align with Maslo’s heirarchy of needs. Speaking from a sociological standpoint, shit at the bottom of the pyramid should be most valuable and cost more, shit at the top less valuable and cost less. So, health and shelter should be what we spend most of our money on and Netflix and cable, which could fall under love and belonging needs (social networking) but more appropriately belong under “need to know and understand” because we don’t need Facebook for love and belonging despite what seems to be happening to some of my friendships.

So as the Cox representative was trying to convince me why I needed more movie, sports and variety channels I had to cut her off and just said I was going to read and socialize more and she audibly chuckled!

Little did she know I just got me one of these…

And remember what Brother said about one of those…

(My viewing of The Wire made possible by Cox and Netflix.)

Cops: Woman had 81 pounds of illegal junk in her trunk

I got nothing to add.

He was there again this morning so I thought maybe I should embrace the little guy. Here’s a thought, leave him up all the time in a little thumbnail image in the corner and not over a headline that contains the phrase, “Quadruple shooting.”

Like this…

What intern was left in charge overnight at Who made the decision to put a damn frog in a Hawaiian shirt wearing sunglasses on the front page of the paper Web site? Is the weather the main story in New Orleans this morning? Who drew that fucking thing? Was it the same person who posted it?

EDIT: Looks like I’m the foolish one for shitting all over our “unique culture.”

WWL Tweet: WWLTV: Tonight at 10: LSU has banned what it calls “drug paraphernalia” from its dorms. Find out what it is tonight at 10 on WWLTV

No! Tune into the Chicory at 8:00!

An instrument used to cover up the smell of pot. instead of just blowing the smoke into the air and smelling up the place you simply use the bounce blower.

You take a paper towel roll and about 2-3 sheets of fabric softener, ie; Bounce (bold scent) and you elastic it to the end of the paper towel. and there you have your bounce blower.
Michael: “dude we should smoke some weed!”

Dave: “Ya man good idea… but we should use the bounce blower”

Michael: “duuudde…”

Bounce Blower

So, based on the hed here, I am assuming there are some black farmers on golf courses and they have for one reason or another entered into a dispute with the Federal Government. I am not sure how long the dispute went on but the African American agriculturists finally agreed on some sort of settlement after the Feds showed up at the deliberations with a strange man sporting a hand grenade tattoo. I guess once they saw this man they decided that settlement was the best option…

Grenade-tatooed suspect and feds settle with black farmers top Louisiana links

… on right now.

- Top story is an AP article on the BP cap.

- Next is a news comment that was copied and pasted and turned into an opinion piece. A practice that is more and more common on the site these days. Whoa! Hey! There’s Cousin Pat! Ooo wee! You should get $35 for that!

- Below that is another AP story but this one doesn’t have a local connection.

- Then there is just a fancied up link to the obit page (something else they have been doing more and more).

- Next is just a round-up of links to stories about the Danziger Bridge case. They must have stole this idea from The Chic.

- The news in the next hed is that another outlet is writing a story about our current Mayor.

- And then another comment turned opinion piece.

In many previous posts on this blog I have ridiculed for the numerous grammar errors and general lack of editorial oversight within its site. I know they frequently utilized temps and interns and they do make more mistakes than folks who are employed with bennies and what not. I am not sure if the site just got more picky with who they let go live with content or if the editors stepped it up.

But it occurred to me the other day that the errors have been less frequent recently. And I simply wanted to give credit where it is due.

Now, for a trip down memory lane…

Something Not Right Again
Swayze lived 25 years longer than any known sufferer of pancreatic cancer.

A Few Questions
It’s the reporting in this one that’s all tossed up, presumably because it’s being typed in from the courthouse but still, run another set of eyes over that shit.

Causeway is Clear
There was a period in 2008 where they must have been really seeking Northshore advertising money because there was something about the condition of the Causeway several times a day. Sometimes the reports were contradictory and there were often reports of the morning commute still on the site late in the afternoon.

Weed Again!
The interns and temps must have been smoked out in June and August of 2008 because they used ‘weed’ in lieu of ‘marijuana in two heds that summer.

Don’t Do It
As in, “Don’t use exclamation points in heds.”

Worst Hed Ever…
The temps and interns must have gone ahead and taken over the ship by 2009 as evidenced by these terrible, terrible heds.

Did It Wrong Agin
See what I did here? I kill me.

An Error in Time-Space
This one from 2009 really freaked me out for a second. I thought we were being attacked! By Republicans! Gets All 2-Legged Dog On Us
…from last Christmas. They must have made a New Year’s resolution to improve. Perhaps they stuck to it?