Following the link below are short summations of article comments. For instance, if the comment is a long rant against black folks it will be abbreviated to “racist rant.” If the comment is how the subject of the story is a sure sign that New Orleans is Hell on Earth, it will be abbreviated to “End is Nigh.” Ready?

Story: 9th Ward murder is 8th killing in a week


1. Anger toward media (Web site)
2. Anger toward education (local)
3. Anger toward commenter (1)
4. Neighborhood criticism (9th Ward)
5. Anger toward commenter (1)
6. Anger toward government (local)
7. Indifference to victim
8. Sarcasm / anger toward neighborhood (9th Ward)
9. Anger toward neighborhood
10. Anger at (black) leadership
11. Confusion
12. Confusion
13. Sarcasm
14. Declarative
15. Indifference to victim
16. Indifference to victim
17. Indifference to victim
18. Anger toward government (local)

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  1. jeffrey says:

    I see the beginnings of a fascinating sociological study taking root here. I trust you’ll be reviewing and cataloging every comment for the next few months according to this taxonomy. I can’t wait to see the spreadsheet.

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