Attention elected officials, we the people do not want and will not get politically behind things like DUI roadblocks, red light cameras and most especially placard reentry…

Car placards to be used for re-entry in case of mandatory evacuation this hurricane season

These are the types of government that voters hate. People want better roads, schools, city services, housing etc. Those are bold and challenging needs that will inspire your constituency. Red light cameras and DUI stops infuriate the populace.

Anyone who has spoken with the people know the placard system is going to stem evacuations, just when everyone got on the same page with evac after Katrina. It will also create the nightmare of trying to enforce the dam thing. Oh, and what about the poor folks who may have enough cash on hand to get out for a few days but will soon be flat broke on the road.

Stop the absurdity and fix the city. Do not spend a cent or a second doing anything else.

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