New Orleans residents told not to return Tuesday, Wednesday

I understand this…

On Tuesday, only essential city workers and utility personnel will be allowed back in to the city.

But if this is true, it is some reprehensible shit…

On Wednesday, New Orleans will begin welcoming back what Nagin described as “tier one” companies: retailers and other major companies who need to check on their stock and begin preparing to re-open.

How will people who were reluctant to leave or who spent 20 hours in traffic supposed to react next time a hurricane blows through? They will damn sure consider this the next time they are asked to leave their homes and possesions for the “mother of all storms.”

Fucking Ray. What a colossul fuck up. The insurrection starts Wednesday.

I saw folks leaving with kids and old ladies and everything else in the most miserable looking jalopies who are getting by out there with who knows what finances. There are poor residents in shelters all over the South and “retailers” and “major companies” are going to be given first right of entry so the profiteering can commence? Wow, he really does run the city like a business.

Is Southern Scrap one of the companies being considered for Wednesday reentry? After the danger they put folks’ property in?

Guess what? I sell folk art in New Orleans. I need to check stock and re-open.

I won’t even get into the asinine concept of enforcing this bullshit.

Take it back Ray. You and Gustav have made us suffer enough. Many of the people who voted you back in the office will be the ones who suffer most by this blatant favoring of commercial interests over the citizens of New Orleans. Do you realize you are fucking over 95 percent of the population? You deserve approval ratings in the high single digits.

Fucking Fuck.

16 Responses to “Insurrection Starts Wednesday”
  1. pistolette says:

    this is one of the reasons i don’t leave. rather be trapped in than out :-\

  2. jeffrey says:

    I knew this was going to happen. It’s why I waited until what I thought was the last possible second to go. The “leadership” who were all patting themselves on the back even before landfall have prioritized their emergency management plan according to 1) Their own immediate political needs 2) The needs of “business partners” (Aaron Broussard’s term) and then the needs of most residents kind of come as an afterthought. I’m lucky I can sit on my ass in Nashville for free if I want to. Most people are out there running up hotel bills though. Fuck that. We can come home tomorrow. We should all be allowed to come home tomorrow.

  3. Adrastos says:

    Viva, Varg. A post along those lines is coming soon. I have power so I’m ready to rumble,

  4. Carmen says:

    The government needs to stop nannying the working and middle classes. You cannot open grocery stores and pharmacies and gas stations if you don’t allow labor back in stat.

  5. Varg says:

    This is the BS…

    The city likely will open Wednesday morning to Tier 2 workers, including employees of building supply companies, medical supply companies and financial institutions, Quiett said. Tier 3 personnel, including gas station operators, grocers and other retailers could get in by Wednesday afternoon, she said.

    How many of the evacuees are grocers and gas station attendents? A tiny fucking percentile. Wednesday will be an entire day wasted while a trickle of citizens return to the city. Then it will open up on Thursday and what would have happened the day before will happen then instead. Except folks will be more pissed and more broke. Nothing is to be gained by this peice-of-shit return. The very context of the diaspora gurantees the reentry will be phased because of the various distances and areas people have fled to.

    Leaving tomorrow.

  6. Carmen says:

    We may have to get political, take it to a class action lawsuit or something “legal” if the military is repeatedly being used to detain citizens at the border allowing only those with a certain selection process, made widely known or not, in. After all, we can expect further evacuations in the future; we have a clear voice in refining the process, as residents, taxpayers, and property owners of New Orleans.

    I am returning tomorrow. I expect NOT to be detained.

  7. brenyb says:

    From the calls on WWL it sounds like the insurrection may be starting today. Leaving people on the side of the road with no gas, no food, no nothing is fucking ridiculous.

  8. JB says:

    What are they going to do, haul everyone to Angola? If thousands of people show up the only viable option is to let them in.

  9. jeffrey says:

    I agree 100% with Carmen. They need to answer for the way they treat people. They kept talking about how, “If you leave, you are on your own.” Right now there are a lot of freaking people “on their own” and unsure of when they can come home. At the very least, we need to raise the issue of compensating people.

  10. Christian Roselund says:

    Tiers? Are you kidding me? So under Ray Nagin my community and I have official designation as third class citizens and are not allowed back in until our master is gracious enough to allow it?

    This is fascist.

  11. Huck says:

    It is fascist. And I’m mad as hell. And I don’t usually get mad at all. I will NOT evacuate in future. They emptied the city, lied to us about the smoothness of the exodus, and then gave us the big F.Y. I’ve ever heard. Tier 1. Tier 2. Tier 3. And then me and my family? WTF? The top tier is, always, has been, and always will be people like us who keep coming back. They should be welcoming us back with ticker tape parades. Instead, they piss on us. Man, I’m angry. And they’re gonna hear about it every chance I get. Insurrection? Damn right.

  12. Carmen says:

    Here we go, Jeffrey. Your statement goes to the heart of the legality involved: “They kept talking about how, ‘If you leave, you are on your own.’” That means a mandatory evacuation order does not give them complete power and authority as such, and those of us who complied as good citizens and wish to return as good citizens may not be held at the border under any legal justification. Had they the right under our constitution, they would have invoked it. So the administration knows it is treading on soft legal ground and we need to make sure we do more than just vent on a few public sites. Compensation is not adequate in my mind. These are civil rights violations. We are all created equal under our laws here, not tiered by profession, color, gender, or any other classification.

  13. Varg says:

    We need lawyers.

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