It’s entirely possible The Star Wars Holiday Special has already been submitted (perhaps last year) to the Christmas video assault. However, if it hasn’t please consider…

It has many layers of suck, these are some of my favorites…

- Mark Hamil with a bad haircut even for him at 1:08
- An all-star line-up of late ’70s greats at 2:05
- A wookie with an apron on at 3:38
- Wookies with rubbermaid trash cans at 3:50
- A wookie with an awful underbite at 4:10
- Chewbacca in a picture frame at 6:30
- No dialogue other than wookie grunts from 2:50 to 8:31

It really goes on and on. Part 1. Part 2.

4 Responses to “For Your Consideration”
  1. greg p says:

    Be glad you don’t live at my house: I have the whole thing, with the original commercials and supplementary materials, on a professionally-made-but-bootleg-DVD

    It’s just about the awfullest thing EVER

  2. Varg says:

    I’d say the wookie family was the worst but then there’s the Bea Arthur as cantina owner and Harvey Korman stuff as well as the whole life day ending, it’s a true vortex of suck.

  3. celcus says:

    Happy Life Day!

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