Making the rounds tonight is an item about a poll released by UNO that stated (with a whopping 7 percent margin of error) that 60 percent of the current population of Orleans and Jeff Parish have considered leaving the city since Hurricane Katrina.

One-third of Orleans, Jeff residents polled may leave in 2 years

That ain’t news. After all we’ve been through, who HASN’T considered leaving?

But the poll is bogus and here’s why. What’s the definition of “consider”? Do they mean looked at prices of real estate in other cities? Done it. Do they mean get so fed up with the criminal justice system you want to get as far away from it as possible? Done it. Do they mean stating that if the levees fail again I’m never coming back? Done it.

But I’m staying for now. And I don’t “consider” leaving very often. If my fiance and I leave, it won’t be a storm that drives us out. Not THAT storm anyway. Rather, it will be a decision much like any other decision. A new job. A change of pace. An offer we couldn’t refuse. Something.

But it won’t be Katrina. Fuck her.

One thing I do know for sure. All polls aside. You need to have grapefruits (and yes, ladies can have grapefruits) to live in the city right now. And you’d have to have casaba melons to honestly state you haven’t thought of leaving. So take that poll with a grain of salt.

And to anyone reading this who is still here and isn’t considering leaving (strongly or otherwise), I salute you brothers and sisters.

3 Responses to “Fair-Weather Friends”
  1. Mark Folse says:

    Leaving! Hell, I just got here. What’s needed are the freakin’ watermelons to stand up to the Feds and force the compensation the city is owed, and political leaders who can make that happen. Blanco and Nagin are both endowed with pistachioes, which is why we aren’t seeing any sort of forceful action to address our most critical issues.

  2. Varg says:

    I tried to vote one out but it didn’t take. I’ll try the other next election.

  3. Scott Harney says:

    Not only am I staying, but I just bought a new house in the city after the old one flooded. My sister and her husband did too, moving from Old Metairie to Esplanade Ridge. If N.O. goes down, then where else is there really to go?

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