Y’all may recall this post back in June when the questionable slang term of “weed” was used in a Nola.com headline. Well, here it is mid-August and the weed is back!

Higgins student booked with having gun, weed on campus

Perhaps a better headline would have been, “Higgins fool busted with gat, reefer.” I know, I know, I used that same gag last time.

But this time and last it appears the slang term is only used in the headline, not in the body text. That leads me to believe that some J-school graduate who is toiling away at such a story wrote an appropriate AP-style article then it was sent over to Nola.com where it was entered into the Web site via content management software and that’s where the headline was changed, perhaps by an intern or a temp. The real victim here is Times-Picayune.

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