I’m always elated when someone links to my blog because it is an indicator that what I wrote must mean SOMEthing. See, bloggers, like to feel as though what they toss out there is of some importance, even if it is simply an ingredient that coalesces into a larger opinion over several posts on different blogs, or even a spirited discourse among them. The point is communication, “words, words, words” as Hamlet said. Get it all out there.

Every moment the world gets more complicated (especially around these parts) and if one seeks to understand, it helps to read up. Media has grown. It’s not just print, radio, TV and documentaries anymore. Now it’s the Internet, forums and, yes, blogs.

It all works together. The more voices out there, the more likely truth will emerge. Not always the clear-cut truth but sometimes a globular shape of it. That’s what both the real journalists and us novices are all after isn’t it? That ancient romanticized search for truth?

Well, it seems two New Orleans publications have rules written into their terms of service pages that require every day folk like you and me to request permission before linking to their sites, something that seems a bit counter intuitive to everything I have ever learned about Internet marketing. I have always heard that it’s best to get your links out there, everywhere, the more the better, be RELEVANT. Even search engines use this as part of their crawler software.

What is amazing to me is that some publications (don’t want links? Fine! I won’t even mention ya!) have these policies. Especially considering that links keep this whole thing running. Back in the day before search engines, it was the ONLY thing keeping it running. The only reason I have posts, comments and readers of this blog is through links. And I am damn pleased and grateful for every last one that I receive! Thanks everybody!

Back when I was a real journalist (the paid kind, not this gratis job), I would put my heart and soul into features that never so much received a word back from the readership. Whenever I received a letter, I was again elated. It showed the information was relevant. One time on this blog I was linked by the New York Times, I could have shut the whole thing down right then and been satisfied. Even though they never asked permission. I wonder if I could sue them? I’ll call my lawyer. That’s some MONEY there!

I urge these publications to rethink their linking policies or else actively seek writers and bloggers in which to send e-mails granting permission to link in HOPES that they will receive feedback from a broader segment of the community on their journalism, like the politician is slave to the electorate, the publication is slave to its readers (the folks that read the ads and click those ad links)

Anyone who uses the media must realize no publication, newscast or blog is an island. Unless we are in Nazi Germany of course. We call that Godwin’s Law here on the Internet y’all. That’s right! The linking policy is unAmerican!

Truth and relevance are an impressionist painting. Pull back and you will see the big picture, but please don’t erase crucial posts, er, parts.

5 Responses to “Links, Links, Links”
  1. liprap says:


  2. GentillyGirl says:

    I second Leigh’s thoughts: A(freakin’)men.

  3. celcus says:

    I think you are making an unspoken assumption the unnamed publication has some kind of relevance to be parleyed …unless puff pieces and drivel that reads like Pravda for self-important white Uptown elites counts as relevant.

  4. D-BB says:

    Hi there Chic-a-roo, I know what you are saying but I still feel the need to apologize for anyone linking from my blog to your blog.

    And celcus, talk about a kick ass comment! That’s a 5 star one. Of course with the crap that I post, hell, how could I not like it.

  5. celcus says:

    D-BB, I post some craptacular stuff myself.

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