I would never say that I am much of an empath. But damn if the ignorance of strangers doesn’t damage me to no end. I think it has something to do with collective consciousness. That is, I am not entirely a singular being. There is Varg, the self. Then there is Varg the 1/ 6 billionth of humanity. And that second Varg is damaged by the comments in the story below.

Woman found beaten to death on riverfront

If you too would like to be damaged. Have a click.

Strange that I don’t find the actual killing of a young girl as troubling as people’s reaction to it. Sometimes I get the sinking feeling I am surrounded by lunatics. Unless of course, I am the lunatic.

4 Responses to “(Shudder)”
  1. Charlotte says:

    I try to keep my mental health fairly healthy so I don’t read forums. I can imagine what’s being said without having to contaminate my brain by actually reading it.

    If you’re a lunatic then I’m an alien. Maybe we could do stand-up together. :)

  2. swampwoman says:

    Leave them alone L, not worth your time – that place has been a cesspool for awhile – it was my disgust reading the crap on that forum that led me to begin blogging

  3. judyb says:

    It’s a place no sane person should go. I wish NOLA dot com would do away with the comments section under their stories. Too many sick minds out there wanting to rile each other up.

  4. Maitri says:

    Sometimes I wonder if allows 99.99% of those comments to be published on purpose.

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