Sources: Talks underway for Jordan to step down

EDIT: He up-and-did it

an exit strategy for Jordan that could potentially involve a commitment from the city and possibly other parties to cover the $3.7 million judgment against Jordan’s office

I wonder who some of the possible ‘other parties’ are? I mean, in addition to myself and my fellow New Orleanians of course.

Both sources said details remain to be ironed out, such as whether entities other than the city might be persuaded to chip in to cover the judgment, and perhaps whether the plaintiffs might accept something less than the full judgment. Other ideas are on the table, including the idea of a payment plan.

I wonder if the Plaintiffs would be willing to accept a lower judgment? My first instinct says no but then again perhaps I am underestimating the ire they have towards Jordan. Perhaps his resignation might cool their jets a bit? How about maybe giving them their jobs back?

By law, First Assistant District Attorney Keva Landrum would become interim district attorney if Jordan were to step down. A source said that Landrum has agreed not to run for the job whenever an election is held.

Behold! A fresh start! A whole new opportunity to screw it up!

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