Armed robbery suspect fled to D.A. Jordan’s house

When I first read this story I thought, “Well damn, that’s some tough luck there. You are running from a crime scene and you just happen to pick the DA’s house to hide in.”

But as I read further I discovered he was associated with the DA. So associated in fact that he had been at Jordan’s house moments before before he decided to try and rob a man at a gas station on Gen DeGaulle. So associated that he spent the day with Jordan’s girlfriend in Baton Rouge and dropped her off at his house. So associated that he hid in his backyard after the crime and Jordan questioned him about what was going on and said he “looked innocuous.”

Come to find out he had just committed an armed robbery.

Now, I don’t think Jordan has anything to do with the robbery but…


As a hilarious bonus, the story also features a breakdown in communication between Jordan and Riley. If they can’t even communicate about a crime that actually INVOLVED Jordan, how do you think the rest of New Orleans’ victims will fair?

UPDATE: The Times-Picayune has updated their story and it gets more insane. Turns out the kid in question is a suspect in the home invasion of NOPD’s Thelonious Dukes a while back. The new version of the story also includes the most hilarious Jordan quote ever. In response to why it took him so long to call NOPD back he said:

I don’t know if you’ve been reading the papers lately, but I got some things going on

You ain’t seen nuttin’ yet Hat.

Update 2: My neighbor came running over this morning and said Jordan was on with WWL’s Bob and Monica this morning and his girlfriend was yelling something in the background and got put on the phone by Jordan. Neighbor said it was something akin to Whitney and Bobby. I’ll post the podcast when it’s up. :)

Update 3: Podcast is up.

5 Responses to “Suspect Flees…to Jordan’s House (updated 3)”
  1. dangerblond says:

    HOLY CRAP. How weird is it going to get

  2. m.d. says:

    I saw that quote too. Loved it.

  3. Karen says:

    …waiting for the podcast with all the glee and anxiety of kid on Christmas Eve….

  4. jeffrey says:

    I’m a bit slower to judge in this case. Sure it’s a cute irony but it doesn’t have much to do with Jordan’s actual professional incompetence (of which there is much evidence already in existence). Here we have a situation where his girlfriend knows a family who has a kid who gets into trouble.

    None of us lives in a bubble. Particularly in this town. How many people do you know who… perhaps may be involved with one or another unsavory character from time to time? How likely is it that your life may intersect with questionable goings on from time to time?

    I don’t know that this is an appropriate event to pile on Jordan over…. except as a footnote to his many professionally relevant shortcomings.

  5. Varg says:

    The thing I wonder is, let’s say the kid doesn’t make it to Jordan’s house, gets arrested instead, goes to jail and comes up against…Jordan’s office?

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