I was at N. Rampart and St. Bernard intersection yesterday and was trying to snap a photo of a billboard by this local attorney that strangely features a photo of him looking rather disheveled. This post was originally going to have that photo and some text inquiring as to why a legal professional would put such a dreary photo on their billboard. The guy’s tie is loose and he resembles Al Bundy. It’s not a flattering photo yet, he paid good money to have it displayed to everyone who drives down St. Claude.

But as I pulled onto St. Bernard to take the photo, I noticed an NOPD cruiser blocking the way. I looked down the street and saw some boom mikes and a few equipment trucks and folks milling about with all sorts of gear. Obviously a movie or television shoot.

Then a truck with two fellas inside pulled up and tried to go down the street but the cop stopped them.

“What’s going on down there?” the passenger asked.

“Shooting,” the cop responded.

“Who got shot?” The passenger said.

Only in New Orleans.

3 Responses to “Only in New Orleans”
  1. liprap says:

    DAMN, is that ever sad.

  2. GentillyGirl says:

    Poop! That’s where my grocery store is! I was there right before you pulled up.

  3. Karen says:

    I know that Billboard. What is up with the loose tie? He looks like he just finished a night on the town

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