Picture this…

You are Justin Sipp. You have a criminal record but currently you are working at Burger King. Your brother is giving you a ride there for your early morning shift. He may be drowsy. He may be hurried. Either way, he commits a moving violation and is pulled over by a police officer.

You don’t know it, but that officer is Jason Giroir. You also don’t know that Giroir sees himself as a “punisher.” He doesn’t always do every thing “by the book.” He sees you as a thug and thinks a thug should “die like a thug.”

But you know there are rouge officers in this police department. You have heard the stories about the Danziger Bridge, about Henry Glover, about Len Davis, about Antoinette Frank. You know the police are under investigation by the Federal Government. But more than that, you have heard about and witnessed things in your neighborhood, things that happened to your friends and family, things that never reached the media. You have never trusted the police.

There is something, a hunch maybe, that leads you to believe this is one of those rouge officers. Something he said, something he did.

Two more officers arrive.

They take your brother from the car and put him in handcuffs.

You are alone now. Just a guy who works at Burger King in a violent city, with a violent police force, with no one around.

Are you terrified?

Are you enraged?

You have a stolen gun.

4 Responses to “A Plausible Recreation of the Death of Justin Slip”
  1. schleifnet says:

    if this is just speculation fiction you could remove the last line… but that implies the gun was a plant and nopd placed it there as an excuse for an accidental killing…

  2. bayoucreole says:

    If we (being the black community) didn’t trust them before, we REALLY don’t trust them now.

  3. That Girl says:

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  4. sue says:

    that was powerful

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