New Orleans trees show nation’s steepest dropoff

The tree count for my street…

When I first bought my house there was a huge, old, dead, crepe myrtle in the back of it that was among the first things to go. For three days, I hacked and chopped at it’s solid branches and pulled at the limbs until it was just a stump.

-1 (-1)

A few months later, Katrina blew through and knocked down a termite infested pine next door onto my shed (which was a piece of crap anyway).

-1 (-2)

I had a guy with a Bobcat come in and haul everything away and lay down some dirt. Some time later, romy and I planted a Willow, a Fig and a citrus tree.

+3 (+1)

The citrus developed a fungus and died.

-1 (0)

I took a piece of the Willow and grew roots from it in a glass of water and transplanted it to a pot and then to the neighbor’s yard across the street.

+1 (+1)

I got a Meyer Lemon tree from a client down in Plaquemines Parish and planted it in the front yard where it’s doing well. This client also told me the one in the back probably died because it was in partial shade.

+1 (+2)

If anyone wants a baby Willow just let me know. They are beautiful trees with a majestic sway and can be easily grown from branches. Don’t plant them near plumbing as they are known to squeeze the lines for water. They are also great for making wreathes and baskets and such.They don’t live very long unfortunately, usually about 40 years. I have looked for the one Jack Kerouac said was in William S. Burroughs yard here in Algiers and don’t see it so I assume it’s gone.

I should add that in this time period a man cut down three very tall, old pines that were in the lot behind me in hopes of putting a double rental property with no off street parking but we complained to the city and he hasn’t built yet.

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