I was going to put together a lengthy post about the protest in front of the Cabildo today but, because I had to get out of bed at 5 a.m. to make it there, I’m too tired to expound on the significance of it.

I stumbled out of bed and made my way down there with my hand-painted “Resign Jordan” sign ready for action. My other sign said, “New Orleans needs a D.A. with convictions.” But, like a dumbass, I mispelled New Orleans.

I joined the protest around 6 a.m. and the rain came down and myself, Karen, Bart and the rest of us kind of huddled by the building and held up signs. The local Fox News affiliate was there and interviewed several of us. I’d like to thank them for showing up.

During the interview, a crazy man with a tucked in green polo shirt came upon us and began spouting off about the justice system in America. That segued into a rant against Communism pretty quick and a protester with a bag over his head paid him to leave. I saw the crazy guy bothering some of the Good Morning America people a few minutes later.

For how little our numbers were, we did seem to make a decent impact. My neighbors saw us on the news and said we were being talked about on both AM and FM dials. Hopefully this will encourage more people to come out next time. i know this one was early and was put together hastily to coincide with Edwards and Good Morning America.

I finally got to meet Clay, Bart and Karen in person. I missed them at the last geek dinner. I met a few other nice folks too. It was the nicest group of protesters.

When I got back home, I caught us on the news. You could tell how big the crowd was by just picking one circling protester and counting how many people went by until he or she appeared again. I told my fiancee how nice the Quarter was at that time of the morning and she said we should wake up early and go over there sometime. I responded by saying that waking up early wasn’t the only way to see the Quarter that time of the morning. ;)

Anyway, someone got an idea where we should go now? I might tomorrow. Too tired for ideas tonight.

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Yeah, we should go to the rally for Dr.Pou at city park tomorrow (Tues) at 6:00 at the Peristyle.

    I’m depending on wifi right now so I am soooo out of touch. Wish I’d known about this morning. I did see Edwards on GMA by chance. Home with a migraine. Eh.

  2. Clay says:

    I met you at the Geek Dinner, you were just too drunk to remember!

  3. Schroeder says:

    I’m going to try to make that Dr. Pou rally. Maybe we could all get really drunk and smash our cars into traffic light poles in memory of our Attorney General.

  4. Schroeder says:

    BTW, I kinda lay low unless I know who I’m dealing with. Sorry I didn’t catch you there.

  5. Varg says:

    ‘Sall good, I’m the same way.

  6. Editor B says:

    I think now our effort should be to build the coalition — broaden involvement and the diversity of voices calling for Jordan’s resignation. Culminating in another citizen rally or vigil.

  7. Maitri says:

    It’s important that we don’t ask for Eddie Jordan’s resignation at each and every rally as we did at the January march and this past small one. It sends the message that we aren’t getting what we want with these marches and rallies. The next time, it should be “Hey, we asked you for this? Why haven’t you given it to us? Therefore, we’re here for your heads, too! By the time we come back the next time, you’d better be gone!”

    And, I’m sorry, but inviting the mayor to hang out with kids at The Sound Cafe is not my idea of a revolution.

    Sorry I didn’t get to see you but I didn’t get there until the tail end when y’all were leaving.

  8. Karen says:

    I was glad you made it.

  9. Varg says:

    I figured I had talked enough trash on this web site that I had to show up.

  10. A New Orleans and Louisiana Blog About Politics, Culture, Arts, Lifestlyes and Recovery. says:

    [...] been a week since Eddie Jordan resigned and I still think to myself that perhaps we made a slight difference. There is a saying that speaks of accepting things we cannot change and changing the things we can. [...]

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