Prison guards, inmate detail brutality inside jail

“Everyone was smoking crack,” Picou said.

Picou said inmates constantly threatened to kill him, usually for being white

These two lines are almost identical to a colloquial report I heard a few weeks ago from a fella that spent 60 days in OPP. Almost exactly. Completely different guy. Same shit though.

Between this and the consistent dismissal of murder victims as having lengthy criminal records (as if that makes it less bad) and Gusman’s pleas for a better facility to lock people up …well …it makes me wonder why anyone thinks criminal justice isn’t the cause of, rather than the solution to crime in New Orleans. It makes me wonder if the deteriorating conditions aren’t being permitted to drive home the supposed need for a new prison?

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  1. Whalehead King says:

    Gusman does seem to love being sheriff. The photo of a man saying grace superimposed on the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s seal (which conveniently contains the current sheriff’s name) in the Times-Picayne this morning was just the latest example of why that might be so.

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