Who all has joined the chorus demanding Jordan’s resignation?

Let’s see.

Garland Robinette sure the hell did on the radio this afternoon.
Shelly Midura has.
Karen did yesterday.
I seconded and then got all pissed here on The Chicory (see below) and Charlotte agreed it should be done.
Maitri did earlier that day and even made it easy for others.
So then Clay did.
Suspect Device suggested it.
Schroeder got ready!
Celcus came running.

But as I look over my feed reader I see a ton of news, blogs and posts devoted to the whereabouts of an adulterous senator. I have to ask, who cares about Vitter? If he stays or if he goes it won’t threaten the immediate safety of our citizens. Perhaps if it were a slow news day, I could see having some fun with the Vitter story. But in the end, it’s politics. This Jordan story needs everyone’s immediate attention right now. There are killers running free in the city so how much does a a hooker hundreds of miles away really matter when it’s the guy in the car next to yours who might just pop a cap in you.

2 Responses to “Robinette, Midura, Gadbois and…”
  1. mikesmiley says:

    Laureen agrees!

  2. Charlotte says:

    Thank You! I have no pity for Vitty but who the hell cares when murderers are running the streets?!
    It’s because it’s a SEX scandle — oh!
    Grow up folks. This ain’t high school.

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