Though I am mostly a pinko liberal when it comes to most things government related, I have always made it a point to tout my harshly libertarian views on liquor laws (and, among closer friends, vice laws altogether). I have often wanted to create and propagate a “from my cold dead hands” slogan for those of us who want big government’s filthy stinking hands off our beer, wine and whiskey.

I have even started a Facebook page called, The Liquor Lobbyists that my friend Randy and I envisioned while driving through several adjacent dry counties in Alabama after a long hike. Each store we passed would tempt us with neon signs that in the distance we automatically skewed into the words “Bud Lite” and “Miller” but as we drew closer to them from down the long dark roads we discovered they only flashed “Coke.” Our resoning at the time would be to form a lobby which would aim to prevent any dry counties from being adjacent to another dry county. We would first aim to do this on the local level and then, failing that, move up to state and national congresses. The counties we were driving through at the time were Walker and Winston and, after reading a little bit about Winston on Wikipedia, I am thinking we would have a better shot convicing the residents of Walker County to lift the oppressive thumb of government from the ripe fecundity of liberty.

Last year, I celebrated a victory for the general Liquor movement when free market dictated to local drug store Walgreens that liquor sales were a necessary margin they needed to fill in their ongoing market struggle with CVS and Rite Aid…

Walgreens Selling Beer! Liberty At Last!

Now I read that our triumph has gone one step furthur as the free market has agin shined on the Liquor Lobby by Walgreens producing their own domestic lager…

Walgreens’ 50-cent beer
The drugstore chain has begun selling its own brew at rock-bottom prices. Reviewers are claiming it gave them headaches, but will the beer-swilling masses respond?

Check out the how the free market of booze directly contributed to their recent decisions…

In this tough economy, consumers are looking for value and ways to make their money go further. Big Flats 1901 offers our customers a premium lager at a good value. -Kathleen Burns, senior marketing manager at Winery Exchange.

If that aint a victory for the free market, I don’t know what is. However, that “premium lager” part is suspect as reviews from the This Week article have shown. My favoriute being quoted below…

at $3 for a six pack, I’d definitely give it a shot” to “I’d probably try it once” to “I tried the 7-11 beer and it couldn’t be any worse than that.

7-11 beer you may ask?

It pairs with microwave burritos
7-Eleven to begin selling ‘Game Day,’ its own beer brand

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  1. jeffrey says:

    As far as I can tell, not available Uptown.

  2. rickacrosstheriver says:

    hey brah , oyster fest was retarded today.

    we sold twice today what we sold both days last year.

    hope ya make some money on the fence sunday.

    good luck .

  3. Varg Vargas says:

    Come by and holla next time.

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