Where have I heard this one before?

NBA’s Grizzlies inspired by fans in flooded Memphis

Memphis, Tennessee (CNN) — People thought that as bad the Memphis Grizzlies NBA franchise has mostly been since moving from frosty Vancouver to this steamy Southern locale 10 years ago, it would be hell or high water before they ever won a playoff game, much less a series.
Well, the Grizzlies, after being just the second No. 8 seed to ever beat a No. 1 seed in a seven-game NBA series two weeks ago, are still hanging on in the Western Conference semifinals, forcing a Game 7 after defeating the Oklahoma City Thunder 95-83 on Friday.

And that’s where the high water comes in.

If you walk out the front doors of FedExForum, take a right, walk 25 yards to Beale Street, walk two blocks west and roll a basketball down a hill the final block, that ball might end up in the Gulf of Mexico.

Heeeeey…it’s like people are looking for ANY way to frame up a story.

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