In case anyone missed it, my and my fiancee’s (nobody told me two Es is the feminine) House Hunters episode will be airing again tonight. Here is the riveting synopsis fro

Buying in The Big Easy
After living in New Orleans for a year, Romy Kittrell and her husband Lance Vargas are ecstatic about finally buying a home. Lured by the decadent food, classic architecture and soulful music that seems to lurk around every corner, this eclectic twosome has been renting a two-bedroom shotgun-style home in the upscale neighborhood of Bayou Saint John. With a modest budget of $175,000, they are ready to start looking for a home in the less-expensive Algiers Point, just across the Mississippi.

• June 18, 2007 10:00 PM ET/PT
• June 19, 2007 2:00 AM ET/PT

Later this week I’ll post pics of the house since the episode aired.

16 Responses to “House Hunters Encore Tonight”
  1. jeffrey says:

    “eclectic twosome”?

  2. Varg says:

    Yea, maybe we’ll put that on the wedding invites.

    “We are gathered here today to unite this eclectic twosome in holy matrimony.”

  3. rebecca says:

    when is the wedding by the way??

  4. Varg says:

    At some point in the future!

  5. bizmusician says:

    Algiers Point?

  6. liprap says:

    We are gathered here today to unite this eclectic twosome for a Huey Long time in holy matrimony.

  7. jeffrey says:

    Yes! That was the house I would have picked.
    Now.. if only it were on the proper side of the river….

  8. RoRo says:

    I am so ready to marry you Varg!!!
    I love you and your eclecticness.

  9. charlotte says:

    “proper” side of the river? Jeffrey, you disappoint me…..I never thought you to be one who aspired to propriety.

    They’re on the eclectic side – much more fun than proper!

  10. Maitri says:

    We-dding we-dding we-dding! Let’s have a proper wedding on the improper side of the river. Yeah!

  11. Varg says:

    If we have one here its gonna be in the Skeleton Key Church two doors down!

  12. nickib says:

    I saw that episode last time it aired. You two are a cute couple! Bugged me, though, that they kept referring to the neighborhood you were looking at houses in as Algiers Point. Thought I recognized the houses as the other side of Opelouses (sorry, can’t spell). Isn’t that called Old Algiers or Riverview? Or was I mistaken as to location?

    New reader to your blog as of today’s post. Like what I’ve read so far.

    Pelican Ave :)

  13. Varg says:

    Welcome Nicki,

    I won’t begin to open that can of worms as to weather we are actually in the point or not. I know I have to run it by the HDLC if I need to make changes to the front of my house so that counts for something!

    And thanks for coming. I’ll try and post as much stuff about the neighborhood as possible. :)


  14. Mike Fink says:

    Hi I live in San Diego and I was friends with Romy, Does She have a email address I can write to her at. Tell her fluffy bunny rabbit says hi. I have known her for 20 years and I suck on computers. Thanks

  15. dessy eresina pinem says:

    halo. I am dessy from indonesia. i am searching about old algiers culture. could you help me?


  16. Varg says:

    What would you like to know?

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