I know waste mangement companies get a hard time in GNO but I have to hand it to Richards Disposal curbside collection. They take whatever I put out. And I have challenged them in the past with bins full of busted up concrete, huge branches of oak, all manner of scrap wood protruding from the top of bins… on an on. They always take it.

I remember when I lived in San Diego, they wouldn’t take the garbage for if the can wasn’t facing the right way or if there was too much sticking out the top.

Yesterday I did a little autumn pick-up in the back yard and created a lot of trash. The biggest monster was a ’50s era Formica table that had pop-out wings. This thing was so heavy. I busted it up a bit but basically just put the entire top in the bin in two halves. It stuck way out of the top. I also chopped down a yucca tree and justlaid that out on the curb in a disrespectful manner that said blatantly challenged them. I also just put out an old Ace garbage can that had yard waste in it knowing it was not in an official container. They took it all.

All the metal parts of the ’50s table I separated out and placed on the side of the road a little further up in hopes that Bubbles may come by and grab them for scrap. But I am pretty sure Richards grabbed them too.

And they didn’t even wake me up this morning when they did it.

3 Responses to “Sir Richards”
  1. judyb says:

    I hope you make them goodies at Christmas!

  2. JaneLane says:

    @judyb : For cereal. They deserve some treats and we derserve pics & a post!

  3. JaneLane says:

    Yeah, I said it… derserve.

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