Okay, it was in 1991 …

I’m surprised Madded didn’t get his little pen out. “So what he’s got to do here is takes the jacket and smother the fire like this! Ya can’t just beat on it and spread the flames everywhere…”

3 Responses to “Fire in the Dome!”
  1. judyb says:

    Hilarious! I remember that game, that was the last time they did fireworks in the dome if I remember correctly.

  2. rickacrossdariver says:

    i was just asking a co worker the other day if he remembered this game.

    the other one i remember was a drunk joe namith pre kiss me susie kolber era dogging the fleur di lis.

    i remember him saying some crap like look at them helments they got a flowesr on them.

    ha ha ha , im drunk,,,,,,

    ya boy called a super bowl as an underdog and he aint been right since.

  3. liprap says:

    “Here comes the Gatorade!” Priceless.

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