The Florestine Collection

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I listened to this a few weeks back but have just now had the chance to post it. ‘The Story’ is an amazing podcast in addition to this story on the lasting impacts of Helen Hill and Dinerral Shavers. It’s about an hour of content, gooto listen to on a drive are while filing/

This Sunday marks the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina coming ashore. People who watched that storm said they’d never seen such violence in nature. Those who came back to New Orleans after the storm, would soon discover a kind of street violence that was well beyond anything the residents had ever seen. Helen Hill was a victim of a random killing in January 2007. She was a filmmaker, killed late one night in her home by an intruder. Her husband Paul and young son survived that night, but fled the city. Now Paul is making good on a promise, to finish Helen’s last film, an animated movie about an elderly woman from New Orleans named Florestine.

Dinerral Shavers was the drummer and singer for the New Orleans-based Hot 8 Brass Band. He was also a victim of the post-Katrina violence. He was shot during what would turn out to be one of the most violent weeks in post-Katrina New Orleans. Dinerral’s band mate Bennie Pete remembers when the two met. Dinerral was just 12 years old — a skinny little live wire with big glasses, eager to perform with the band. As the anniversary of Katrina approaches, Bennie talks about his friend Dinerral, the city that struggles to rise again, and the music that holds it all together.

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