A while back, I was thinking about the Superdome the other day and started tooling around Wikipedia and checking out stadiums in other cities. I am sure we have all started into the Wikipedia nebula on a fact-finding mission and let its stream-of-consciousness index of links and articles carry us through all sorts of subject matter. Well, from Qualcomm Stadium, I was led to Brutalist Architecture. The I got stuck. I knew I had seen this style before and I knew it was a building I saw frequently. A structure I saw a lot. But I couldn’t quite figure it out.

Then the other day, I was passing through Lee Circle and it was right there.

It didn’t make the list though so perhaps I’m wrong.

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  1. Mark Folse says:

    No you would have to visit the Rivergate for a prime example, but it ain’t dere no more. My father was actually a proponent of this style of architecture when he was the senior non-partner at Curtis & Davis.

  2. Varg says:

    A bit cold and lifeless to me. Great for a government building.

  3. jeffrey says:

    Maybe the Main Library kind of fits this description. I can kind of see the Superdome as a quasi-example but not in any negative sense. I’ve always appreciated the simple elegance of the Superdome which I think is diminished a bit by the overly ornamental gold skin it’s currently receiving.

  4. Varg says:

    I with ya. Because there is no way Tracy Porter’s barber could have got something like Dallas Stadium shaved into his head.

    Love the new gold skin though.

  5. Michael says:

    The BR city-parish government building is a classic Brutalist structure over here:



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