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Okay, let’s see… Schools closed in Iowaarguing about grammar in the comments of a Sports storyCauseway’s fine

OOOOOH! Titanic on TV Friday!


That’s right. It’s on the front page. A two-legged dog inspires veterans. Not sure what the local connection is.

Two-legged dog gives hope to disabled veterans

It was right there on the front page.

In the era of pay-outs and a general state of hemorrhaging staffs I often wonder why still bothers putting national news on their front page anymore. I honestly thought hyper-local was the way things were going.

Baltimore mayor goes on trial after being accused of stealing needy families’ gift cards

Now I get it. It’s local because we too have a tossed-up Mayor but at least he isn’t stealing gift cards from needy kids! See the local link! I am going to be keeping an eye on these so-called “national” news stories and making the link to how it matters to New Orleans. Haven’t figured out why baloon boy was on the front page though. I guess they felt left out of the clusterfuck.


Who can guess? No, it’s not that Swayze’s death is on the front page. But I agree, that ain’t right.

In continuing with my obligation as a blogger to supplement and enhance mainstream media (MSM as it is annoyingly referred to), I would like to provide this video to show further evidence of the general awesome state of being achieved by 92 year-old Ernest Borgnine. Borgnine who has the distinction of having two heds on this morning, also is a chronic masturbator. He says it’s the secret to long life…

For Times-Picayune coverage of Borgnine’s other accomplishments:

Ernie’s navy: Actor Ernest Borgnine’s first and finest role was as a Navy man

Actor Ernest Borgnine reflects on his career highlights

Something not right. Something no belong.


I guess got tired of being the butt of everyone’s jokes so they up-and-decided to harass the broadcast news up in Cleveland. Did they really have to go all the way up North to find something worse than chopped up bodies acting strangely?

Anyway, here’s the link…

Cleveland bear video sets the bar for YouTube hilarity

And you don’t have to go very far into my “madness” category to find more Nola.comedy. Like when they use “weed” in headlines instead of “marijuana” or your basic misspellings or bad puns or…well, just check it out.

In a time when Honduras is under a coup, New Orleans is sinking and housing looks like it is possibly heading into recovery, CNN wants us to know there are creatures jumping from women’s breasts…



I predict since there has been a Swine Flu death in Houston, there will be an article about it on and a commenter will say that it is heading this way and either another commenter or that same one will say something about how it hopefully take care of all the “thugs” in the city. Or perhaps the crooked politicians.