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One of my favorite bands ever, the Old Crow Medicine Show has been announced for the second weekend of Jazzfest. GO SEE THEM! Also, with any luck, your working boy Varg might have a booth selling art there too.

But yea, check these guys out. Second weekend.

My poor wife has been suffering from some sort of gastro-intestinal virus over the last few days and is upset about it’s slowing her down and not allowing her to party with the Saints Monday, go to pilates, do chores and everything else. Her frustrations culminated this morning when she said, “I just want to do what I wanna do!”

So I said, “You just want to “Do Whatcha Wanna!” And quickly Googled a video search for the phrase that I hoped would bring up a decent version of the song.

I discovered long ago that the Internet was a dark and pervasive place in certain neighborhoods. And that assertion has been consistently reinforced ever since…

Josh Jazztrance to Rebirth Brass Band – Do Whatcha Wanna

Jazz | MySpace Video

I saw a flyer for The Toadies playing at Republic posted on a telephone pole a few weeks back and it was like I was suddenly walking into an acquaintance I hadn’t seen since ’95 and forgot existed.

Then this morning I get an e-mail saying Marcy Playground has “just been announced” for the venue. Not attempting to hide the band’s questionable relevence the venue decided to address those accusations head on in the e-mail (accents mine)…

Everyone knows Marcy Playground’s hit single “Sex And Candy”, which topped Billboard’s charts at #1 for fifteen consecutive weeks in 1997 (breaking the record at the time), but what many people don’t know is that Marcy Playground have been in the studio for years crafting their keenly-anticipated new record, Leaving Wonderland…In a Fit of Rage, which the band and critics call “their best work yet”. Free from Capitol records and artistically pure as always, the new record is still melodic modern rock for which people know and Love Marcy Playground, but it’s also a record that “digs deep, taking the listener on an exhilarating and satisfying emotional and musical rollercoaster ride”. Their show at Republic will be no exception, promising a bit of nostalgia and a lot of great new tunes.

I did like “Sex and Candy” back in the day and the follow up “Sherry Frasier” but damn, 12 years is a long time to be off the radar.

Coming soon to Republic: Helmut, Candlebox, Catherine Wheel, Folk Implosion, Dishwalla and Our Lady Peace. Not really.

In the trailor for the upcoming film “The Road” there is a familiar image…

“The Road”

Empire, Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina


There are supposedly some scenes filmed in the Lower Ninth Ward as well.

I read the book two years ago and even though I have always loved Cormac Mcarthy, I hated the novel. His books have always been filled with sorrow and despair but often they are painted against vast backdrops of the American West or South. In this one, he has covered the landscape in gray ash. The condition of humanity is at it’s base. It made for a lonesome, uninspired read.

Having seen videos, heard stories and viewed photos of lower Plaquemines after Katrina, I think the situation down there closely resembled Mcarthy’s post-apocalypse in “The Road.”

A rendition of “Stand By Me” featuring some of our local talent…

Don’t worry everyone. When things get bad, just think…

We aren’t Cleveland

And they aren’t Detroit…

Jolie Holland’s Lower 9 song with the great line, “I’ll dance at your funeral if you dance at mine.”

I forgot to post this last week…

My very, very favorite episode of This American Life is available as a downloadable mp3 this week so if you are bored at work today and want to hear a great story, give it a listen. It’s set partly in Louisiana so there’s a bit of a local connection as well.

The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar

And if you really like it, toss the show a few bucks here.


The Halloween photos….

And of course, the previous years…