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Here I thought I was the victim in the NOAH story. I thought, as a citizen of a New Orleans with (at best) impotent and wasteful city management in a time of recovery that it was me who would suffer from their (at best) incompetence. I thought because it was my federal taxes being (at best) wasted through malfeasance and the recovery of my city that was threatened under an (at best) shady home remediation program that I was the victim in the whole thing. All this self absorption helps with the self rightousness and, in turn, the anger.

Then I read this post and realized it ain’t even about me or anyone else who has ways and means. The victims are the ones who have been disregarded and even the simplest services denied them.

It is a lot like a corrupt school board. It will be hard for the perpetrators to save face when the true victims are shown to be poor and elderly. Hundreds and hundreds of stories are being told all over town.

Even in the highly unlikely event that there is no corruption to be found in the midst of all this. The sheer incompetence of it all should be enough for the Nagin Administration to hang its head in utter shame. Again.

And since it can’t be said enough, the work of Squandered Heritage is very inspiring and I am so very proud of Karen, Sarah and everyone involved over there. Y’all do indeed rule.